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Alexis's Marathon Diksha in San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico


I woke up Sunday morning in San Cristobal,Chiapas Mexico after having a clear vision from Bhagavan that I needed to give 1000 people Diksha Sunday! So I went out to find a spot to sit in the town to do exactly that! And after walking around for about an hour waiting for guidance....I found a beautiful HUGE CROSS in the middle of the Main Plaza in front of the Cathedral that has 4 steps rising up to a platform where the cross has its base & felt it was the PERFECT PLACE! (This was the 1st time I would ever do anything like this! Sit outside openly giving Diksha to the public!)

The mind said, "you are like a street performer! Then I said, Oh shut up! its nothing like that!"  I proceeded to give about 1600 Mexicans, Indigenous & Foreigners over the course of the next 4 DAYS! My hours there were from 11am-11pm.Without breaks! I never got tired! I drank fresh squeezed Orange juice ALL DAY without eating until 11pm every night.

The majority of people that received Diksha were Mexicans & Indigenous people with about 20% being Italians, Dutch, Germans, French, Swiss, Greek, Japanese, Canadians & Americans! So The Grace is being received very International here in Mexico! Everyone was so thankful & grateful that I decided to continue for the next days! I told everyone it was God's Divine Energy that God was giving thru my hands for peace & love.

The only negative thing was that Sunday, (1st day) was such a beautiful SUNNY day that my arms (in the Diksha position) were sunburned badly along with my face as I didn't notice (since I wasn't really in my body all day) and it hurt a lot! I learned that I need to be more aware of the physical body & to take care! At about 6pm Sunday a man from the Government office came by to check out what I was doing with crowds of people & then asked that I finish up in 30 minutes (There was still a big crowd!) He told me that I only needed to come to the & get permission & receive a license (pay $). I told him that I had already spoken to the Tourism Office & they knew me & I felt that all would be fine. He didnt realize that & asked me to finish up in 30 minutes. I agreed. After 10 minutes he returned with a Government co-worker of his that had received Diksha earlier that day from me (I didn't know who he was when he came) & they both told me that I was welcome to stay as long as I wished & apologized for the misunderstanding!

Thankyou Bhagavan! I love to watch him work!

I would like to point out The MIRACLE that in the middle of rainy season here in San Cristobal, it NEVER rained once during the 4 days I was giving Diksha under the Cross! (Since my arrival 8 days before until that Sunday I began under The Cross it's rained everyday!)

You can see in the 1st 3 photos how black the sky got over me & the Cathedral but where I was sitting under the Cross it remained SUNNY! Amazing that the Sun continued shining on Bhagavan's office no matter what! I will admit that I prayed alot that it would please NOT rain on me so that I may continue there & not have to move!

The next day, Monday 23rd May, I returned to the Cross in The Plaza of Peace in San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico to continue spreading the Grace & as things were heightening to a level that is indescribable in words, a policeman came to ask for my paper of permission! Of course I didn't have one as the day before the 2 men from the Government office told me I was welcome to stay as long as I wished. (without a paper) That wasn't good enough for the policeman & he asked me to accompany him to the office to get permission.

At that point the crowd was very upset as they wanted to receive their "Divine Healing Energy" & asked him to please leave me alone as I'm doing something very beautiful & they wanted me to continue! The crowd told him " She isn't doing anything bad, please allow her to continue! Leave her alone!" And the policeman began to argue with the crowd & the crowd shouted defending me & it began to escalate until I intervened & asked that they please stop arguing as I will go & get the paper. Can you IMAGINE? Its unbelievable! It was lovely to see the people trying to help me & defend the Grace! I was only sad as the timing was REALLY bad since there were about 150 people there at that moment & the Grace was UNBELIEVABLY STRONG! I did ask the policeman to please go find a Government man to speak with me there as he had given me permission the day before. And he left to do that...

I continued giving Diksha for 10 minutes when an older Govt man (really identified with the Ancient Mind) was sent to come & tell me to stop, (no-one knows who those 2 Govt men were the day before) so I went with him while the crowd guarded my things until my return. We went to the Director of Tourism & he was VERY nice & had no problem with me continuing. Charm, lots of charm & Grace...... But we needed to find Govt Man Oscar to give me a paper, & we went to his office, he wasn't coming in to work until 6pm! (it was 1pm)The older man was happy! (He didn't want me working there at the Cross) So he asked me to return at 6pm. I asked him who else could give me permission so I would't lose 5 hours & he claimed no-one else! I thanked him & said goodbye (knowing there must be another to help me!) I prayed to Bhagavan to guide me.

When I exited the offices a policeman (who I think was 1 of 8 policemen who had already received the Grace) pointed out a name & address on a Govt poster of the Man that can give me the paper ! With LOTS of PRAYING to AMMA & BHAGAVAN............... I found that man at the address 1 km away....... 30 minutes later & After Giving Diksha to The Man (Jose) & his Govt staff .....

I received PERMISSION from the GOVERNMENT to give Diksha under The Cross in The Plaza of Peace next to the Cathedral for 3 MORE DAYS!!!

Then I gave them ALL DIKSHA (The government office people! )

And they all thanked me profusely!

And I returned to the Cross in the Plaza to continue for the following 3 days.

I asked that each person connect with their hearts & feel what was happening inside their heart in that moment & feel it fully.Then I would give them Diksha. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! I have tears flowing from my eyes just now as I'm sharing this with you.

The Mexican people are so lovingly open & really have a deep reverence for God. Some brought their entire families with Children & Elderly to receive The Grace! As I explained that with all feeling peace & love, transformation can happen easily within the family. As I asked each child if I could touch their head, they would say,"YES, PLEASE." Many Husbands admitted to me that they are "infermo" (sick) addicted to alcohol, & do not treat their wives well & they wanted to change. I was so touched with the level of honesty that they shared with me, even telling of their mistresses & their confusion. Most shared that they have alot of sadness in their hearts.Many young ganglike teenage boys came to receive Grace admitting they were VERY BAD & wanted help!

I was touched & honored to be an instrument of The Divine that could provide them with their transformation.

I had a box with flyers in Spanish for the locals & English for the foreigners so that everyone could read about Diksha: Divine Energy Transfer along with the website & my cellular telephone number & even the poorest of the poor Mexican & Indigenous people would leave me at LEAST 1 peso out of gratitude! For them it is equal to $1 U.S. Dollar!

Many of the policemen also have received the Grace as they come up on their own, willingly 1 at a time! My next challenge is to go to the Commandante & organize ALL 300 of the Police Force to receive Bhagavan's Grace! Wish me luck!

I could continue in this manner forever, I feel!

If this is what I need to do to reach the largest amounts of people that I can, I am willing.

I hope to continue spreading Bhagavan's Grace here in Chiapas & hopefully Bhagavan will help to end the conflict in this region between the Zapatistas & the Government.

When I'm done here I will go to Palenque & sit at the Palenque Ruins giving Diksha. I asked the Govt. Office here to help me get permission there & they told me that they did not see any problem for me to do this work there as I wished.

I have been given unlimited permission to work under The Cross as long as I wish!

No permission slip necessary!

I love to watch Bhagavan work! Its ALWAYS AMAZING!!!

Love & Grace to ALL**



Permission slip from the Government to stay there & GIVE DIVINE ENERGY TRANSFERS for the next 3 days!!!


This woman in the last 3 photos was completely gone after the Diksha I felt sad to have to ask her to sit as I knew that I would bring her out of her state a bit so that I could continue with others...


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