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Blisfoot, Robert Greenwood wrote:

Hi!  Dear Alexis...
Well done on the successes of Freddy┤s First visit to happy to hear how well its taking off......I hope you having fun as well!
We are soo busy and very happy to serve this amazing work...

Much love



Yes Im enjoying the whole experience IMMENSELY!!!!
And trying to get some sleep in between every now & then.........
Im also having fun with Freddy when we are not in the courses as we are laughing ALOT together!
We are teasing each other ALOT!
He is used to being the
KING & my karma has always kept me feeling like a princess so we are enjoying sharing these roles as we travel thru Spain together.
Its amazing how much we have in common & how connected we are thru it all!
We are constantly reading each others thoughts (or more correctly having the same thoughts pass thru our minds within seconds of each other!)
It feels very good.And I am laughing myself to sleep many nites.

And happy to see that my HARD WORK over the 5 weeks before Freddy arrived, paid off in the end!
I only know how to work HARD to achieve GREAT results!
Even if it takes 24 hour days!
Looking forward to continue in the same way after the 21 day process in India

Nice to hear from you!
Sending you many small kisses for your face & a BIG HUG for your body!
Hope that our paths will cross again soon someday.
Love & Light**


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you can find more at this link.

* * *

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