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Beloveds, here is another Miracle to report!!


Germany's first Oneness Blessing coordinator Krishna Prem and Alexis experienced being burgled in Amsterdam Holland as thieves broke into their car stealing KP’s laptop computer and Alexis’s large black toiletry bag (burglars always think it is a purse) with the most valuable items being stolen were her jewelry, passport, cell phone and house keys. This robbery took place while Krishna Prem & Alexis were enjoying lunch and a short sightseeing walk around the city of Amsterdam...

In Alexis’s words:

As we left the car parked on the street on the side of a canal near the main train station, I shared with KrishnaPrem that I was not feeling comfortable with leaving all of my valuables in the car in plain sight as many years ago I did the same in Paris while going just 5 minutes to the tourist office for maps & information only to return to discover an empty car!

KP told me not to worry and especially NOT to attract that type of thing by even thinking about it. I felt into what he said; checking for a "charge" and concluded that it was really just a matter of taking care of practical matters in an intelligent manner rather than being unconscious about the fact that we chose to leave a fully packed car exposed for all to see in a city where drug consumption was legal and many people may need to support their addiction by stealing. Didn’t Jesus say something like, “Trust in God but make sure that you tether your camel?”

I was sure happy with the fact that just 2 hours earlier I had strategically repacked my bags after the Oneness Blessing Conference in Edmund Ang Zee, placing Sri Murtis inside of each one of my bags asking Amma and Bhagavan to please keep watch, guarding and protecting my personal items.

We left the car parked on the side of the road, and off we went to lunch followed by a brief walk around the city and unfortunately upon our return to the car; I immediately noticed the opened locks and the driver's seat in a bent forward position which was NOT as we had left them.

We were quite shocked to see that someone had actually stolen 2 small bags of ours, but I was really happy that they hadn't actually taken the time to scavenger thru the many OTHER items which filled the car. As my BIG hard sided suitcase was underneath a huge pile of Krishna’s stuff and unlocked with a smaller computer bag inside of it which contained a brand new laptop computer and many other valuable necessary electronic items.

KrishnaPrem actually wasn't too bothered about his loss as his laptop was very old and he also had ALL of his information backed up in a safe place. He was more concerned about my losses.

My immediate concern was that now, until I make a visit to the embassy and take the necessary steps to obtain a new passport; I wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere. I also needed to find a Spanish girlfriend of mine who had recently moved to India with the spare keys to my flat, and most importantly the loss of a cell phone with over 1000 important Mexican contacts stored inside. The jewelry was not so important compared to the other losses. Not even a minute was wasted on mourning that loss.

The situation worsened when I realized that I had made emergency copies of the front & back of ALL of my credit cards (that were still in my possession) and THOSE papers were also in the stolen bag!!

So before anything else I urgently needed to call ALL of those credit card companies and cancel those cards immediately. Even though my credit cards were still in my possession, the copies were almost as good as having the actual credit cards.

So KrishnaPrem dropped me at a friend’s Amsterdam home as he needed to continue driving to a scheduled meeting 2 hours further away. I immediately used my host’s phone to cancel all of my credit cards.

That evening my host very graciously walked me just a few blocks from his home showing me where all of the Embassy’s were located so I could begin that very necessary process early the next morning!

During our return journey walking home we coincidentally ran into a couple dear friends of his also walking that same street who informed me that without a Holland police report & passport photos, my embassy visit would be quite uneventful.

I will forever thank the Divine for arranging that meeting as the events that followed were all part of a Divine plan.

I decided that I was much too tired to visit the police station that night so instead I called them to get the address of the most conveniently located station to my host’s home for an early visit the next morning. A station was fortunately located just a 7 minute walk from our front door.

That evening as I was trying to sleep, I especially couldn’t understand why the Divine would allow my extra cell phone with many necessary Mexican contacts to be taken away?? Was Alexis not supposed to return to Mexico to work after all?

The Divine had already allowed the loss of a suitcase by Air Europa Airlines just 3 months earlier which is FULL of necessary work items for my Mexico Diksha=Oneness Blessing groups.

I checked in that 32Kg suitcase at the Cancun, Mexico airport and it was the last time that I saw it as it still has not arrived to Barcelona, Spain.  It has been over 3 months!!That is very bad news in the lost luggage world. I continue to pray.

I don’t really understand THAT loss either; still hoping for its return!

And so, in that moment, I began to feel really helpless.

What do I do now without all of those necessary telephone numbers in Mexico?

It will make my work so much more difficult to flow harmoniously upon my return.

So I began to ask for an explanation from the Divine.

“Am I NOT supposed to return to Mexico after all?” I asked.

I was exhausted and lying in bed desperately needing sleep but feeling as if it wasn’t going to come so easily…

Within minutes I suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to get out of bed and open my BIG suitcase to begin looking thru a bag inside of a bag and so I began rummaging thru all of my personal items feeling a glimpse of hope that maybe??

Just maybe?? Could it be possible??


I opened a small pouch and there it was!!! My extra cell phone!!

But  HOW?? It was in my black toiletry bag!!

How did it get from there into my suitcase??

OH MY GOD!!! I was sooo sooo happy!! And relieved!!

I had my Mexico contacts after all!!! In my hand!!

Oh wonderful!! It wasn’t such a great loss after all!!

My phone, my contacts!! All intact!!

A TRUE Miracle!!

Thank you Divine.  There was only Gratitude!! Gratitude!! Gratitude!!

Now I was also clear that I was supposed to return to Mexico after all!

Helpless feelings GONE!! Replaced by clarity on that issue and an ecstatic joy!!

In that very moment of joy, I suddenly remembered a very important detail that a dasaji had just shared with me during a recent visit to Golden City, India; regarding karma.

I had asked him why the Divine had permitted my “work” suitcase with ALL of my necessary items for my Oneness Blessing groups to be taken from me. At first I felt that the Divine was giving me a much needed rest; a vacation of sorts. And I accepted that gift with gratitude…But then 3 months had passed and I was ready to return.

He had explained that if something is taken from you because of karma, and there is a strong desire for its return, that it is possible to speak to the Divine and offer something in exchange for the return of the lost item.

 So that evening in my joyful experience of holding my lost phone in my hands, I spoke to the Divine offering that Alexis would visit Africa after Mexico to work there spreading the Grace with all of the people in need.

And I requested with so much gratitude that in exchange; my stolen black toiletry bag please be returned to my possession very soon. 

I thought, well what the heck, it would be nice to not have to spend days and $$ at the embassy to get a new passport and call a locksmith (more $$) to enter my home and most frustrating; the idea of replacing the most perfect and compact ‘purse looking’ toiletry bag that I had found while visiting Tokyo, Japan years ago that works so perfectly always enabling me to flow easily thru airports with ALL of my grooming products in case of lost luggage. Which now are limited to special small 100ml plastic bottles that I also worked so hard to find. THAT wasn’t an easy task in itself!!  

 So it was a good chance to test the Divine. I certainly had nothing to lose.

 My thoughts were, ‘Let’s see if this exchange with karma actually works!’

After all, I do love Africa dearly as just 7 years back; I had spent 6 months traveling extensively thru the entire southern part of the continent.

 What a great way to return to Africa, I thought, with Oneness Blessing!!  

 And off I went, snoring peacefully into sleepy land

 Early the next morning my host accompanied me to the entrance of that nearby police station.

 Upon entering the station, I met an Amsterdam police officer named Yordi who was experiencing his very first day in that office on ‘desk duty’ as he was previously in another part of the city on patrol in a squad car.

 I explained that I needed to report a stolen bag and apologized for the amount of paperwork that this would create for him. Due to my extensive work with many police departments, I was familiar with those unfortunate details.

He was very nice and appreciated my awareness and concern for that part of his job as it is always the most necessary but least favorite part of a policemen's duty.

 During the procedure I provided all of the necessary details describing the bag and its complete contents. At the end, the nice police Officer Yordi asked me for the license plate number of Krishna Prem's German car to finish the report. Of course I had no idea what that could be, so a phone call to his German cell phone was needed.

 After unsuccessful attempts to call long distance from the police station’s office telephone, the officer suggested that I look for a public phone outside of the station to call my German friend long distance to get the license plate number. And so I did.

 Can you believe that it took just those 10 minutes for the Divine to arrange everything!

 When I returned, I found a smiling Yordi waiting for me.

 He stated, “I have some very good news for you Miss Alexis Shaffer!”

 I couldn’t begin to imagine what he could possibly be talking about!!

 Until he walked behind the station’s counter and momentarily bent down to reach for something; he suddenly produced to my surprise, my black toiletry bag!!


 Apparently and miraculously in the short 10 minutes that I was gone looking for a public phone, an anonymous girl showed up at THAT particular police station and dropped off my stolen bag!!

 With everything intact!!

 Nothing was missing!!

 My jewelry, passport, house keys EVERYTHING was in order!!

 I couldn’t believe it!!

 I immediately reached for my small jewelry pouch removing it from the black bag (located in the same pocket as the Sri Murti) and showed it to Yordi asking him HOW but HOW could the burglar NOT take my jewelry at the very least??

It didn’t make any sense to the mind!!

 Another confusing detail was that THAT Police Station was NOT even close to where the burglary had happened!! So why she came to THAT station to drop it off was a MIRACLE for me!!

 I asked Yordi, “Where is the girl?? Where did she go?? How did she come and go so fast?? Could she still be outside?? I so wished to see her and thank her!!”

 I moved towards the door looking curiously outside.

 It is one thing to get it all back in order and another to receive it at THAT far away police station. Why would that girl come to THAT particular station?

 Yordi quickly commented that she was long gone…

 His face was shining!

 It didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn't a girl at all; it was ALL Amma & Bhagavan/The Divine, in disguise.

 The Police Station, the new Police Officer Yordi, the girl, the bag; ALL of IT!!

  It was ALL an illusion!!

 I was so ecstatic that I asked Yordi if I could PLEEASE hug him in gratitude as I reached over the counter to embrace him in front of his fellow co-worker.


 Officer Yordi was a bit embarrassed as I don’t think he was used to being shown this type of gratitude in a hug especially in uniform on his very first day in this office!

 What an experience!!

 It had been almost 24 hours of experiencing many emotions.

 Awareness, Vulnerability, Concern, Worry, Let-Go, Trust, Joy, Surprise, Horror, Shock, Disappointment, Stupidity, Crisis, Worry, Fear, Love, Relief, Support, Care, Concern, Exhaustion, Humility, Helplessness, Confusion, Surprise, Happiness, Relief, Gratitude, Miracle.

 Watching them all pass thru in their moments as they flowed thru the physical body.

 First , sharing the crisis with KrishnaPrem and then other dear friends who chose to be there for me to give their full support in love.

 So beloveds, it looks as though very soon the next stop will be Africa!!

 What a fun adventure that will be!

First, I will return to Mexico to finish sharing the Grace with a few cities that I haven’t managed to visit yet. And then off to Africa with Oneness Blessing visiting cities and countries with lots of police and military groups.

 Well, now we have just another Divine Miracle for the record books!! 

 Thank you Amma Thank you Bhagavan Thank you Divine!!

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours as well as
your entire family of Divine Light Beings that I hope to someday
meet in this physical dimension!

Enjoy the energy, the inspiration and most of all; be conscious of your experience in every moment: being the witness to your own awakening and explore the infinite universe that resides within you.
I wish to send you off with a warm embrace to help open your wings; trusting life to guide you exactly where you need to be in each moment as you begin the rest of your blessed journey and don’t forget to laugh along the way as life is NOT serious....It’s a Divine Carnival !

Forever in Gratitude to the Divine and honored to be a part of its Grand Mission in the Transformation and Illumination of Humanity.
Love & Light** to all


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