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Military Battalion in Love



I would like to now share with you my lovely experience with this Military Battalion!

What a lovely array of 500 Beautiful Military Souls that I have been blessed to share Bhagavan`s Grace with for an entire week! Touching their heads every day is a joy for me! I am giving them an Intensive course 3 hours daily & we are really enjoying the transformation as it unfolds on a daily basis! All are present! Up to the highest officials! I'm honored.

I will be with this battalion (as they contracted me) for an entire week giving them a Personal Intensive Diksha Course.

Beginning the 1st day in the dining hall with the entire battalion suffering the heat..... Speaking on the microphone, then ananda mandala, then giving a group Diksha to all. The following day we moved outside & I did the same, speaking 1st, then Anandamandala, then giving a personal head touch Diksha to each soldier.

When I explained to the General that I would be leading a technique in which all would need to grasp hands so that the energy would flow and benefit each person on a deeper level also creating a beautiful harmony within the group......

He was a bit surprised & said, "Oh no.....We don’t hold hands here in the military"....

I laughed & explained that it wasn’t like that and to please trust me as this particular technique would highly benefit all involved if performed in this way...

He was very hesitant, and a bit resistant but with my charming insistence ALL went beautifully!

It was a beautiful day that first day in the Dining Hall with the special small group of 100 and I’m happy to report that ALL participated fully in the Ananda mandala Meditation and received at least a 30 second Diksha each.

Just after the group I also gave private sessions to the highest officials relieving them of their physical suffering such as Wisdom Tooth Pain, Sciatica Nerve Pain, Chronic Knee Pain, Back Pain, and Headaches....

Bhagavan removed all of their physical suffering so effortlessly!

One Officer was on his way to a dentist appt. with his tooth pain & after the ‘healing’ felt that he would in fact waste the dentist’s time as he could no longer find his pain!

All ended in a thundering applause in gratitude for such amazing States of Peace & Tranquility.

It was a very successful day! Thank you Bhagavan!

Just 4 days later with a private invitation from the General, I attended a very Special Military Memorial Inauguration Ceremony: "Niños Heroes".

Unveiling a Newly Built Stunning Memorial honoring the many young soldiers (13-22 yrs old) whom lost their lives in a surprise attack on their military school in the war with the U.S.A on September 13 1847 with General Winfield Scott.

What a beautiful reception I received upon my arrival to this event from all of the Military personnel in the form of huge smiles with each soldier personally acknowledging me with a warm greeting, "Good Morning Alexis!" Many kisses on my cheeks, hugs & thank-you’s.

I feel that I don’t really need to explain that The Military does NOT normally express ANY form of tenderness and absolutely do NOT ever express in the form of physical touch!

What a delight to see the transformation!

And in public! For all to see!

Thank you Bhagavan! Love is definitely everywhere!

I was delighted to be given a special seat directly behind the main table of the Heads of Government during this special ceremony. Presiding over this event were: The Governor of Quintana Roo, The Mayor of Cancun, Two 2 Star Military Generals, The Admiral of the Navy, The Colonel of the Battalion and many more important Officials were seated directly in front of me.

When the press took their photos and TV coverage I consciously sent the Diksha energy thru my eyes the entire time hoping to touch all who would view this event thru the news and newspaper articles as with my position I was seated & standing clearly visible to all.

During the ceremony there was a lovely 12 gun salute by the soldiers with a firing of the rifles once all in unison. All went beautifully!

I must now share with you an interesting story:

The Colonel of the battalion in charge of creating this 12 Gun Salute event with the soldiers came to speak personally to me before the ceremony and in front of the General reported his experience of how before receiving the Private Diksha Course & Energy for 100 troops just 4 days prior, there had been many errors & lack of synchronization amongst the troops.

And after attending the Diksha group, the soldiers returned to practicing, rehearsing their movements & shooting & the Colonel could hardly BELIEVE what he witnessed!

An impressive level of HARMONY & SYNCHRONIZATION within the group of soldiers in ALL of their movements! And MOST of all in the firing of their rifles!

ALL shot their rifles exactly at the same time!

The Colonel had been striving for that for many days without success! Perfect synchronicity!

For me it was so moving to listen to the Colonel explain his experience; so clearly impressed with the level of transformation within his troops and so immediate!

It was music to my ears! Pure poetry!

The General was also very impressed!

I surely didn’t miss the opportunity to request a recommendation letter from the Colonel on behalf of the Military in that moment either!

The General later explained to me his surprise in observing his very busy Colonels staying present the entire duration of the first Private Diksha group, (3 hrs with 100) also observing them when the group finished, also staying after to personally asking me for private sessions for their particular physical ailments!

And now to see the level of enthusiasm upon his Colonel’s face in explaining the perfect results with the troops under his command....

It couldn’t have been a better day! Congratulations Bhagavan!

It was at that moment that The General decided to gather his entire battalion of 640 troops for an entire week Intensive Diksha Course with me! He requested that I please create that same harmony amongst ALL of them! Giving them all deep peace & tranquility!

Preparing them well for a special training they would soon receive all together.

I was honored to share an entire week with the entire battalion in an Intensive Diksha Course enjoying our precious time together guiding them thru transformation bathing in Bhagavan’s Grace!

And what a beautiful energy this particular General of this battalion has!

He gave me a stunning introduction to his troops over the microphone and I observed how the “energy” of the General really has an effect on the entire group energy!

Of course I have enjoyed all of the Military Groups that I have been honored to attend to.

But I must admit that this last group has been my favorite!

So much harmony, respect, & tenderness within the group!

I can clearly see how the different character of each General reflects in his group, whether the troops move in respect, flowing harmoniously, or work in fear waiting for the perception of the next mistake & consequence of the follow-up punishment.

Of course dealing with the issue of Power in our lives, one can see how in this very human dimension we are all learning our own individual lessons. And of course we are not all conscious of this very important process on a moment to moment basis.

I feel that this Power issue may very well be one of the strongest lessons of all; causing major problems and reeking havoc in ALL of our relating––in all of our relationships.

We are all on our own individual paths, moving at our own speed, sometimes lost in the identification of the mind, scattered priorities, or desires, but of course all is perfect for each person as existence is always supporting us to ‘wake up’ to consciousness in every moment.

So.....when we began the very 1st day of the Intensive Diksha Course with almost ALL of the 640 present.... I will explain how it unfolded....

First, I was honored to be privately chauffeured from my hotel that morning by the General & both of his Colonels as they came themselves personally to retrieve me, assuring that I arrive to their battalion safely for this special event with all of their personnel.

When they arrived at my hotel beside the ocean, the sun was shining brightly on my side of town with blue skies but as we neared the military base the sky was changing into a dismal dark grey and raining heavily!

I could hardly believe the stark contrast just 35 min driving distance away!

We entered the Dining Hall where all were patiently waiting and I was handed the microphone.

Standing in the center; all 640 of them seated around me in layered circles ready for the instructions for the "Ananda mandala Technique".

I took that opportunity in silence to look around at all of the beautiful receptive souls (soldiers) connecting with them thru my eyes. I felt so honored to be given this very valuable time of theirs to "enlighten their souls, bringing them back to their true & natural state" with Bhagavan’s Grace!

I think about 2 long minutes had passed as I was enjoying the silence looking in all of their gorgeous receptive eyes......

As I lifted the microphone to my mouth and was just about to greet them with, "Buenas Dias Caballeros!" ("Good Morning Gentlemen!")....................

All that could be heard was a sudden thundering BABOOM!!

Out of surprise & bewilderment I instead spontaneously gasped, "WOW !!! What energy!!! Quite impressive, no?

I think the energy has clearly arrived!!!

I personally felt in my bones that Bhagavan had arrived!

And Deep Transformation within the Military was about to happen!

Reality as they perceived it to be, was about to change!

What I DIDN’T realize (no one did at that moment) was how lightning had just struck the Military Base & burned out all of their operating electrical equipment as well taking out completely their telephone lines!

I guess Bhagavan wanted their full attention! He got it!

When the generator began functioning so we had a microphone again...

The General decided to spontaneously give me a stunning introduction to his troops & I observed how the “energy” of the General really has an effect on the entire group energy!

And what a beautiful energy this particular General of this battalion has!

The group was so respectful and attentive to every word!

(Not an easy task when you put over 600 young energetic men together in a small space!)

Shortly thereafter, we proceeded to have a spontaneous healing experience of LAUGHTER!

During my explanation of what we were ‘about to do’ in the Ananda mandala Meditation; informing them about the chakras, the position of their hand holding & the rapid breathing; the soldiers began to prematurely grasp the hands of their fellow soldiers seated just beside them in their circles...

Remembering the General’s hesitation in allowing me and them this luxury of hand clasping.....

And observing the anxiousness of the soldiers to hold the hands of their buddies...

I kiddingly commented,

"Sweethearts, I know that you are all very affectionate here in the Military but it is NOT time to hold hands YET! Relax & be patient my sweet darlings!"

All that could be heard was thunderous laughter!

My favorite way to begin with the energy!

And a great way to start off our week together!

In my personal experience with the Military up until this particular Diksha group was that many of the Officials of the various battalions have attended the groups but never had the Commanding Colonels or the General himself personally attended the meditations along with the entire group: feeling that it may in fact disrupt the freedom of the soldiers in their personal transformation experience.

In this last group I’m happy to report that ALL attended as one big family group! And ALL were very impressed with stunning results! The main theme in this particular group was knee pain, & lower back problems & after the Diksha over 90% could no longer find their pain! And there always seems to be 1 difficult person in each group that needs a 2nd Diksha as the 1st one found difficulty in penetrating the "wall" of their mind!

But that wasn’t the case in this particular group as all felt deep peace and tranquility immediately! You can see in the photos how many reached Deep States 2, 3 and even 4!

After suffering a sauna type atmosphere of suffocating heat in the Dining Hall with that many bodies so close together, we moved the entire operation outside under the lovely shade of the trees for the rest of the week!

What a joy to be out in nature listening to the birds and the Moola Mantra playing 90% of the time reverberating off the trees in a divine celestial dance with natures animals!

There were many ducks, goats and sheep running freely across the manicured lawns and what a joy that was to witness combined with the events of each day!

We did at least one powerful meditation technique daily and I shared insights with them leading them into laughter most of the time: I intentionally created a light atmosphere for them feeling that they can easily find themselves in enough serious situations without me!

At times I enjoyed giving Diksha to each soldier as they were seated in their chairs

(I wanted them to receive Diksha in the most comfortable position for them!) and other times I had them form 2 lines (thank you Freddy for that tip!) and found that extremely time saving!

At the very end of the week I offered private sessions for personnel who wished to receive "more energy" and speak privately to me to resolve personal issues we didn’t touch on.

There was a very long line that formed itself outside under the trees and I was happy to see that they all very patiently waited their turn feeling eternally grateful for the personal service and extra time I spent with each of them.

They could NOT believe that I never got tired!

I explained that I was only channeling this energy and it was in fact only flowing thru me NOT coming FROM ME! So I wasn’t losing my personal life energy but actually receiving a beautiful state myself also during the energy transfers! They still found my stamina amazing!

Especially when the first day began with me enjoying a 6 km fast walking adventure with the Highest Official around the Military Base as the soldiers jogged in the other direction!

I decided it was best that I didn’t make that 6 km walking exercise a daily occurrence!

At least not beginning my morning that way before the Intensive Course with 640!

I felt that I might end up getting tired during my day with them. Better not to risk it

As you may imagine it was quite a special experience for me to spend an entire week "almost living" with over 640 of these beautiful loyal souls at their Military base.

Enjoying Special Daily Breakfasts and Lunches with The Officials always catering to my special dietary needs and treating me like an absolute princess!

During these meals, I also had the pleasure of meeting other visiting Officials and Generals from other parts of Mexico who came to work at the base periodically and I of course took the opportunity to also share "the transforming energy" with each of them in private sessions as I came highly recommended by their peers!

So my contact network is expanding fast and I feel truly privileged and honored to be so openly accepted by these beautiful loyal and proud military souls.

I also enjoyed moving from table to table of the soldiers while they were eating their lunch asking for feedback and answering personal questions of theirs.

They were so open and honest with me always sharing their deepest feelings, even in front of their comrades and I was touched by their willingness to transform at the deepest level.

The level of gratefulness that was expressed from their hearts to mine during that special week together will forever be etched in my heart as I felt the new depths and levels of love reached by all of them as it was exuding from each one of them during the entire week!

Words cannot express the love that was exchanged in our time together.

It wasn’t easy to bid them farewell that last day.

I would truly miss them as I felt that we bonded very deeply during that time together.

They left for their journey all together as one big, happy, tranquil family taking them into the jungle for a special training.

What a beautiful setting to deepen their Diksha experiences!

And all together in peace & harmony.

The General was very happy as we far surpassed his expectations of group harmony!

It is clearly an understatement to say that I was touched by their level of trust and openness with me during this week with them and tears are flowing as I type this story.

When I am taken back daily to my hotel by the chauffeur, the Highest Official always calls him on his cell phone (during the trip) to order him to drive extra slow and careful seeing that I have a lovingly and cared for safe (35 min) trip home. I really feel so loved, appreciated and cared for by them!

I’ve decided to stay in this city to greet the soldiers upon their return in October.

As I was bidding them goodbye, I witnessed a maternal personality in action as if I were sending boys of mine off to boarding school or camp for some time!

I’m really looking forward to seeing them again and hear how their Diksha process continued for them in the jungle...

Bhagavan and Amma, I bow down to you in love and surrender: my divine being full of gratefulness willing to serve in manifesting your vision as quickly as possible to bring all of humanity out of it’s suffering!

I only wish that I had more physical bodies!

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

Love & Light**


* * *
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