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Bhagavan Transforming Families and Grouchy dogs - PURE LOVE IS ALL THAT REMAINS!

When I began my Diksha Marathon in Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas last spring many people working for the Government in the Municipal Palace began taking me home to their large families so that they may also receive Bhagavan`s Grace!

Many had families of more then 25 immediate members!

During my 2 months in Palenque, Chiapas I also spent alot of time giving more private type sessions to entire families. Spending up to one hour with each family member!

From small children (& their dogs too) to the grandparents.

I witnessed deep healing as Bhagavan opened their hearts and transformed their fears.

I asked each family member to consciously begin to live 100% honest and true to their heart and at the same time respect and appreciate each other family member fully for the learning in each relating experience, even if it meant feeling pain on an emotional level from time to time.

Sharing with them the important fact that we are the ones responsible for everything that we create; on all levels, inner and outer.

As most of us have experienced; family relationships are sometimes the HARDEST of all to HEAL!! There tends to be BIG CHARGES located there!

I now see that these beautiful family healings in Palenque that Bhagavan guided me to with each member receiving their own individual private sessions....

(the dog only needed 10 min, he didn`t bark so much, but he cried a lot!

Remember the story where his dog girlfriend dumped him and went with another male dog?

He cried & wailed so much that he lost his voice! Very sad. I cried too.)

.....was leading me to another beautifully transforming family experience.

It all began when my Palenque Angel Carlos passed me the phone number of a fellow hotel owner Alejandro, in Cancun. When I finally bid farewell to all the lovely souls in Palenque and made my way to the next city.....Cancun.

I met Alejandro & his lovely wife Gabi & they invited me to their home, where I gave them and their 2 children of 10 yrs & 12 yrs all Diksha.

Gabi requested that I please "do something" to help her son with his fear of sleeping alone as since birth he has always needed to sleep with his "MOM" out of fear.

After he received just 1 Diksha (I of course requested Bhagavan to please help remove his fear of sleeping alone) he proceeded to sleep in his own bed nightly without the need to sleep in his mother's bed anymore!

Gabi telephoned me the following day, asking me, "What did I do as her son is now amazingly sleeping peacefully in his own bed! And she cannot believe it!"

I told her that I listened to her wishes and I prayed that her son receives deep peace inside & confidence so that his fear melts away & turns into love for himself...

At that moment, I then also noticed that Gabi now had a slight problem as SHE actually missed his neediness of her that she grew so accustomed to!

So we talked about THAT for a while and we managed to laugh about it!

I later spoke to Alex (the son) to ask him what had changed for him & he told me that he simply felt good within himself now & no longer was afraid to sleep by himself!

Thank you again Bhagavan!

It was shortly after that experience that Alejandro & Gabi organized an Intensive Diksha Course for 1 full day at their lovely home for their close friends with families.

It became a Family Diksha Course with 14 participants!

7 adults & 7 children!

I had the pleasure to spend the entire day with 4 different families and their children.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to include children from 7-18 years of age along with their parents in the same group!

I was excited to see how all would unfold! What an adventure!

The parents were also very curious to see how long the children would remain attentive as children do get bored easily! They didn't think they would stay for the whole day!

We were ALL pleasantly surprised as all flowed harmoniously the entire day with so much love being expressed within the group.

At the beginning of the day I only asked for one thing from the group:

That the family members scatter themselves so that they are NOT sitting next to one of their immediate family members or children. And that they remain conscious of their different personalities throughout the day and do their very best to be present for THEMSELVES in the group, staying conscious of their own individual process.

To explain more of what I mean: for example, I requested that Gabi consciously not be "the mother" or Alejandro "the father" or Alex "the child" or Gabi "the hostess" or Nora "the guest" as the group was held in the private home of Gabi & Alejandro and they could easily fall unconsciously into one of their many "roles".

So I asked that everyone please respect the space of each individual in the group regardless of relation as each person would be in their own individual process throughout the day.

And I also asked that each person take care of their own needs without having expectations of another to provide them. For example, Mom providing meals, Dad giving permission, hostess serving the visiting guests etc...

The day went unbelievably smooth with EVERYONE fully participating in each meditation and listening attentively in each lesson without the slightest hint of boredom from the children!

We laughed a lot as everyone consciously played out their personalities for all to see.

And many tears were also shed.

Many hearts were cleansed and deep understanding happened.

I witnessed so much tenderness and LOVE between the families that I was truly touched by the amount of respect & willingness to transform in each individual being!

Even down to the precious 7 year old tiny girl! And the family dog, Sahara!

It was truly a fabulous day in all of our lives and I was honored to witness the love and understanding that was exchanged in each family and between friends.

There were many deep bonds formed that day!

From this very intimate experience with them I will continue to plan and offer special family groups including children and grandparents as well!

What a lovely opportunity for families! Bhagavan transforms all so effortlessly!

Bhagavan and Amma, I bow down to you in love and surrender: my divine being full of gratefulness willing to serve in manifesting your vision as quickly as possible to bring all of humanity out of itís suffering!

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours for all of you Divine Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

Love & Light**


* * *

Families in Ananda mandala Meditation

The 7 year old girl receiving Diksha

Alex, the boy who never slept without being in his mother's bed before Diksha. Now he feels secure in himself, without fear and sleeps in peace in his own bed. Now his Mother has a problem, she misses him!

Families resting after receiving Diksha


The lovely families exuding a new level of LOVE between the members by the end of the day

The family dog Sahara also enjoyed the Diksha Course!

You can see how anxious she was to receive Diksha again as she jumped up on my lap to receive another Diksha! She liked to receive Diksha looking into my eyes as well!

The Family Dog Sahara in Diksha Bliss!!!

Before Diksha she had a very grouchy growling temper whenever the daughter wanted to pick her up. After Diksha she couldn't LOVE her & everyone enough! No more grumpiness existed! What lovely transformation! As I know Sahara now, I cannot imagine her being any other way!

She is just one small bundle of pure furry LOVE!!

Thank you Bhagavan!

* * *

Alexis has written many experiences in her journey,you can find more at this link. 

* *

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