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Many in Palenque "Drunk in Bliss"



I was recently invited and attended a Palenque Government Meeting where the Mayor, his lovely wife, & many Important Officials were present.

This meeting was held for 2 reasons:

1. To help benefit the handicapped people in receiving the capacity to be heard on their issues within the Government.

2. Also focusing on the issue of Domestic Abuse within the family.

I gave Diksha to most all who attended and formed a beautiful relationship that evening with the Mayor´s wife, Mirella as she is the President of DIF (Human Development) and she really appreciated my loving, giving energy as I gave her, her entire group of handicapped people & 5 members of her staff Diksha from my heart to theirs that evening.

The following day she invited me to their home to share The Grace with her entire family.

At their home, one particular soul really touched my heart. As I was about to give Diksha to the Mayor´s wife on the sofa, an absolute precious angelic 6 year old girl interrupted us exiting her bedroom in tears entering the livingroom crying, complaining that she had a tremendous headache & earache & couldn´t sleep as she was in pure agony!

I immediately responded offering her my help & within 15 seconds we entered her bedroom together.

She continued crying in agonizing pain as we sat on her bed (her mother was asleep in the bed)

I asked her to please feel her heart as I placed my hand over her heartspace, tears were flowing down her cheeks....

After 2 minutes of sharing Bhagavan´s Healing Transforming Grace with her, healing her head & her ears, I whispered into her ear requesting her to please crawl back under the covers & rest. Her tears had stopped on their own.

I quietly left her bedroom & closed the door.

Just 2 minutes later, we could hear her shouting something thru the window that connected her room to the livingroom...

As I moved closer to the window, I saw a shining little face peeking out from under the covers with a big smile shouting," GRACIAS! MUCHAS GRACIAS ALEXIS!!"

Both Mirella & I were really touched by witnessing the healing transformation of this little angel by Bhagavan´s Grace, all in the timespan of 4 minutes!

What a gift from God that was! To be part of the transformation of such an innocent pure soul that was suffering from repressed energy in her little body manifesting itself in her head & her ears as pain!

The little girl´s Mother woke an hour later & commented that her daughter was sleeping so soundly like she had never seen before at that hour of the morning! And she thanked me explaining that her daughter had been suffering for some days with that pain!

Bhagavan, you always bring such a smile to my heart! Thank you so much as I will never tire of sharing your Grace with every lovely soul that wishes to receive your precious gift!

After many beautiful moments with other family members, we managed to catch her husband, The Mayor, just as he was running out of the house to a very important meeting. She really wanted him to receive Diksha again! (he received once already by me in his office, remember?)

So I asked him when his meeting was beginning...

He told me in only 5 minutes so he wouldn´t have time for Diksha!

I suggested that he enjoy these precious 5 minutes to the fullest and then he can begin his day in Peace & without the stress that he was NOW feeling!

After receiving Diksha I am happy to report that he didn´t come out of the room for more then 20 minutes! Bhagavan gave him a DEEP STATE!

When he finally exited his room, he had such a serene look on his face & wasn´t bothered at all by the time. His only comment was, "Wow! I guess I really needed that! It´s been over 20 minutes! Thank you SO MUCH Alexis. I really appreciate it!"

Just today (2 weeks later) his wife commented to me that her husband was unbelievably tranquil, as she has never seen him like that!

She thanked me for the transformation.

He also felt it after the 1st Diksha in his office (5 weeks ago) as he was so impressed that he wrote me a personal recommendation letter for me in that moment!! 9pm at night!!

Last week my friend Carlos´ staff of 55 at his Hotel "Maya Tulipanes" received a mini Diksha Course in 2 different groups.

What a joy it was sharing Bhagavan´s Grace with them as they are such an open, caring, attentive group of people!

They also ALL had very deep transforming experiences!

Most employees that had physical body aches & pains, after receiving Diksha were surprisingly relieved 100% of their suffering!

They could hardly believe that their physical problems could be cured with just 1 Diksha!

One employee received a FULL LIFE REVIEW from the Diksha! He was really moved by the experience and very much appreciated it!

They have all commented how they now feel "so much better" and also have so much energy to work all day without getting tired.

As I walk through the hotel, going about my day I see them always smiling so joyfully now, and I notice the transformation in them feeling more blissful & light.

That is truly my reward! More then any amount of money$$!

I´m so happy to be able to give something back to Carlos & them as they have ALL treated me like an absolute princess for the 3 weeks that I have been staying in the hotel.

Just today we reunited the Hotel staff so that I may say farewell for now as I´m off to Cancun, Playa del Carmen Mexico tonight to share Bhagavan´s Grace there until the 17th of Sept.

It was lovely to speak with all of them again & offer the opportunity to attend my 2 day Intensive Diksha Course in late September when I return.

I was touched when they told me that they were truly sad to see me go as they were all accustomed to attending to my personal needs at the hotel and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having my presence. What a beautiful group of souls!

2 weeks ago on August 13th I am happy to report that my TV interview that I gave on Palenque Cable Channel 2 & Group Diksha to all the Television viewers was a BIG SUCCESS!

There were 2 men watching my interview from a TV screen 1 floor below waiting their turn to also speak on the program.

When I exited the studio & encountered them on the sofa in the waiting room, they commented, "That felt really GOOD!" And looking at their eyes I would have thought they were drunk! But they actually were! Drunk in Bliss!

I have been invited to Palenque for a second Television Interview by the same studio, Cable Channel 2 at 11:30 am on Sept 17th to talk about the transformation that can happen within a person when attending an Intensive Diksha Course.

And of course I will also give another Group Diksha to all the TV viewers watching the program and invite them to my Diksha Course that I will have on the 24th & 25th Sept in Palenque.

I have also been attending MANY various large families in Palenque giving "private counselling healing sessions" that have taken minimum 30 min. up to 1 hour per person

Many children within these families also received these sessions as well.

What a joy I felt also helping these young, suffering souls!

Bhagavan has sent me to quite a few different families with serious physical problems & diseases & others that had been suffering serious emotional problems within the family and it was an honour to be part of their healing!

Many tears were shed.

And I’m happy to report that DEEP Transformation happened within the families!

I gave Diksha to all from the babies to grandparents and even the dogs as well as I felt they were also part of the family and shouldn´t miss the opportunity!

There was one dog in particular that was really suffering as his female dog girlfriend went with another male dog & he was crying & wailing so much all day that he lost his voice & listening to him continue even without a voice, really broke my heart!

After Diksha he became "dogdrunk" & the wailing stopped.....

One evening one of Carlos´ employees at the hotel consulted him urgently due to a sudden increase in the family that they didn´t quite know how to handle!

Apparently a woman in the bus station was desperately looking to give away her newborn baby & found this particular employee’s wife willing to accept the challenge.

The wife came to the hotel with the baby so that Carlos could assist them; guiding them to do all the necessary red tape that needed to make the exchange legal.

She was crying hysterically as she had decided that she really wanted to keep this baby against all odds.

She really felt with all her heart for this tiny unwanted abandoned soul and I felt compelled to spontaneously give her Diksha to calm her.

I felt that it wasn´t a coincidence that this tiny soul found it´s way to Carlos´ office at the same time that I just happened to be there.

There was NO DOUBT in my being that he was to receive Bhagavan´s Grace.

After the wife felt peace & tranquillity I then gave the baby, her & her husband Diksha touching their hearts connecting and bonding their hearts all together as a family.

As I was giving the baby Diksha touching his heart, he suddenly placed his tiny hand over mine as if to say, "Thank you so much as I really need this!"

Tears came to my eyes as the moment was so moving.

The other day the Municipal Transit Police gave me a ride to the PFP (Federal Police) Base & during the trip I discovered that all 6 of them hadn´t received Diksha when I visited their base weeks before & they very humbly asked me if I had time just then to give them Diksha before reaching the PFP Police Base.

Of course I said, "Yes, with pleasure!"

So we pulled off the highway just on the shoulder of the road & I hopped up in the back of the Police Squad Pick-Up Truck and gave all 6 of them Diksha!

(It was an UNBELIEVABLE KODAK MOMENT!!! But no photographer in sight!)

Traffic was passing by like normal & surely wondering what that girl in white was doing in the back of the police truck placing her hands on the heads of all the policemen!

Two of them were completely relieved of their headaches, 1 of back pain & ALL felt a deep tranquillity and couldn´t stop thanking me as they finally dropped me at the Federal Police.

Yesterday I finally visited the Mayor´s wife´s DIF (Human Development) office & gave all 26 of her employees Diksha. Many received deep transformation with The Mayor´s wife feeling eternally grateful for my presence in Palenque!!

I will return with pleasure to their office to give Diksha on September 28th for an event with over 200 elderly people & 30 handicapped persons present!

I also gave a Palenque woman suffering from Bi-Polar Syndrome who had been taking daily medication for over 2 years balancing her uncontrollable emotional outbursts & insomnia!

I asked Bhagavan to please heal her so she wouldn´t need the medication more.

Five days later, I saw her & she informed me that she has been sleeping like never before & had actually forgotten to take her daily medicine! (Do you believe that she truly forgot? Or did Bhagavan erase the idea from her mind that she still needed it?)

And she was also amazed at how good she now feels!

I asked her to please leave her problem in the past as she is healed now & will NOT need the medicine more! She was more then grateful! Thank you again Bhagavan!

Her son & family also thanked me!

Just last night I attended another large family and gave all but the husband Diksha.

He claimed that he didn´t have the $resources to also include himself in the healing so I told him money isn´t everything!

I explained that it doesn´t matter how many $millions we have in the bank; if we don´t have Peace & Tranquillity in our hearts, we really have nothing....

So I took him into his room & after only 10 seconds of Diksha to cure his Severe Migraine Headaches, he completely collapsed into the sleeping position onto his bed without even being conscious of it! My hands found it difficult to stay on his head as it all happened so fast!

I had to cross to the other side of the bed & continue his Diksha with him in the lying down position. (He had possibly received all he needed in that 10 seconds! But just to assure his own healing, I continued another minute!)

Upon exiting the room, his wife congratulated me in convincing him to also receive healing explaining that he is ALWAYS DOING, DOING, DOING!!!!

And that he has a VERY strong character & is difficult to hold down for a moment!

I then explained to her that such a strong mind takes it´s toll on the physical body and that explains why he suffers constantly from severe migraine headaches!

And I told her how after only 10 seconds, he collapsed completely relaxed on the bed!

After 30 minutes he exited the room looking as though he was 100% drunk!

I asked him why he doesn´t stay longer resting as I felt that it would benefit him more.


So I followed him into the room, helped him to lie down and suggested that since he FEELS DRUNK and hasn´t needed to drink alcohol to feel that way, that he take advantage of the situation & ENJOY the experience to its FULLEST!!!

I explained that he received a drunk state that didn´t cost him anything & also with the added benefit of waking up the following morning WITHOUT a hangover to pay the consequences either!! I left him with a HUGE SMILE ON HIS FACE!!!

I felt that Bhagavan gave him that DEEP DRUNK BLISSFUL STATE to create the deep healing necessary in his brain to cure his Migraine headaches.

I´m now ready to board my bus to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and we will see what miracles Bhagavan has in store for me there! Farewell Palenque for now....

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you can find more at this link.


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Palenque Government Meeting

Palenque Mayor seated at the Meeting speaking with his lovely wife Mirella

 (President of Human Development) seated to his right

Mayor speaking

Lovely Handicapped people invited to the meeting

Lovely Handicapped Souls receiving Diksha

You can see the Mayor´s wife Mirella observing all with much gratitude & awe

Mirella just beside me observing the Transforming Grace as it happens!

Giving Diksha to Mirella & 5 of her staff after the meeting

Mirella´s Human Development Staff of 20 receiving Diksha

Abandoned Baby with new parents

Immigration Police Base

Entrance of Prison with 130 inmates

Notice how they always hang their arms thru the bars

Hotel Maya Tulipanes Staff of 60 Receiving Diksha & Mini Course

Hotel Manager Carlos Sanchez and me

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Mexico & Central America, click HERE


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