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So just when I thought it was time for a rest…. I discovered that there was even ANOTHER EVENT #3 beginning in just 2 hours in the same square!  With possibly even MORE then 200,000 people attending as were present in the other events!!

So of course I wasn’t going to miss THAT opportunity!

My day continued like this……………………….

When the Military Parade was over at 1pm, I thought that it was finally time for a possible nap for Alexis’s very tired, deprived of sleep physical body!


Bhagavan was not letting me rest just yet….

Well, wasn’t I surprised to discover that there was even ANOTHER EVENT beginning in just 2 hours in the same square! I learned this when the Press friends of mine asked me if in fact I would be staying for this next event.

I asked, “And what event might THAT be?”

It was a Democratic Convention led by Andres Manual Lopez Obrador who is...

The Candidate for Mexican President who just LOST the election & is very upset as he is SURE that it was a fraudulent election as the results were soooo close (similar to what happened in the U.S. to Al Gore) and he had a HUGE gathering of support in Mexico City who agreed with him and began to arrive just after the Parade finished!!

So here was even another opportunity to share his Grace with another 200,000 people!

And specifically this group I feel needed peace and tranquility possibly MORE then the other groups!

So of course I ended up staying all day as this Convention ended up starting late, at 5pm lasting until 8pm!!

And what an event it was!

There were actually MORE people present for this Convention then there were the previous night for Mexico’s Independence Day! “El Grito!!”

See that story with photos at:,_2006.htm

It was sure interesting for me to feel the difference of energy that each event exuded!

The Evening of September 15th Mexico’s Independence Day Event was full of celebration and joy with a lot of party energy as well!!    

The Mexican Military / Navy Parade for President Fox (El Desfile) held the following morning of September 16th was exuding pride, confidence and strength with mostly a male dominant energy mostly evident during that entire event.

 And this Event with the losing Presidential Candidate exuded more of an angry, righteous us against you energy. As the entire crowd really believed that they had been ‘wronged’ along with Mr. Obrador and they wanted JUSTICE!!

 It was quite an historic event as there have been very few such uprisings in Mexico City’s entire history. Actually only 3 previous large gatherings have ever occurred! And they took place quite some years ago! The latest was over 18 years ago!

 The last gathering of support for such an event took place as far back as 1988 when the PRD Political Party supported Cuautemoc Cardenas.

 And in 1971 and 1968 there was a rather large uprising of Students against the Mexican Government.’

 So thanks to Bhagavan, these lovely quite angry people also received The Grace!!

 He surely doesn’t like to see anyone suffer!

And after all, how convenient! I was already there and all ‘warmed up’!!

 So..... Today alone, OVER 400,000 PEOPLE received The Grace at these 2 events HERE IN MEXICO CITY!!!

 I do feel that you can well imagine just how much joy was flowing through my various levels of being in the last 24 hours.

 Words cannot really even begin to express what an experience this last 24 hours was for me as well as for the level of consciousness of humanity.

As MANY profound feelings were felt so deeply in various levels of my being.

 Mostly feelings of gratitude and endless unconditional Love for ‘All That Is’ (unconditional Love is truly the ONLY love that exists) all else is just an illusion!

 I just hope that if I managed to convey to you even 10% of this, I achieved something greater then anything I could have hoped for.

It was surely an honor for me to be part of it all.

 Wishing you ALL true inner peace and hearts filled with Unconditional Love.

 Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

In deep love and gratitude to Bhagavan and Amma for their Grace and Endless Miracles!

Love & Light**


Some of my new lovely 'press' friends from BBC, Fox, Associated Press, & CBS.

Sharing 'The Grace' Amongst the TV Cameras

I joked with this BBC man about pointing his radioactive antenna (there on the ledge) at the crowd & how Obrador's supporters would end up 'sterile'!! We all laughed!! And got out of the way!! Now that's some intense energy that makes one actually 'glow in the dark'!!!

A BBC Commentator arrived for live coverage

These photos were taken early before it even got going! The crowd  doubled in size later!


Can you see the thunderstorm about to hit? It drenched everyone in 2 minutes  but they didn't budge!

The BBC Journalists photos (below) have just arrived!!! (Midday my camera battery died) The size of the crowd now  at 6 pm has actually doubled!!

All in a day's work for Bhgavan!!!

Here are the BBC's photos of the entire crowd!!
Estimates are of 300,000 people

My eyes are a bit tired but  The Grace continues to flow!!

The Cathedral (located just on the left of the crowd) in the square

Evening approaches.....

The rain cleared away the smog pollution that Mexico City is famous for and the volcano & mountains are visible

The event lasted until well after 9 pm, I unfortunately didn't.


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