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(Letter written to Freddy as Alexis was organizing Spain to receive Diksha)


African Lemoncito Buenas dias!

 How is the mud floor?

I really hope that you have something like a mattress or lion between you & the floor

I wanted to share with you what is happening for me at these video nites we are having!

As I'm sharing my experience of receiving Diksha in Angsbacka from you & Anette & then return to my room, (I was in a complete PEAK experience Out of Body not wanting to return bliss!) As I'm sharing this again, I find myself FEELING that same bliss again as if I'm there in that PEAK experience! IT IS WONDERFUL! to say the least! The people there can also see it clearly & get all inspired by what they see of course. Thats happening on its own........ I just find it interesting that I find myself back in that complete bliss again just sharing!!!!!

A friend of mine Jalaal that knows me from India & coincidentally we both ended up moving to Barcelona later (he married a Catalan gal) WE havent seen each other in over a year. He was there last night at the video & shared with the group how much I have changed physically. He said that I actually look younger & my skin is so smooth & radiant & shining that whatever this energy is, it clearly has a positive effect on the physical as well as he can see the difference in me! How nice that he shared that.....

Everyone that I speak to on the phone is also sharing that they can clearly feel my bliss energy pouring thru the lines to them! And they are loving it!

Thank you Bhagavan & Amma for sharing all of this bliss with me & the world!

It is happening!

Freddyji, stay away from the scorpioncitos!


Better get off the computer gotta lotta people I have to go infuse with this energy in Barcelona!!!!!!!

Love & Light, Alexisji

P.S. I hope that you have time to touch the heads of the people on Friday as I am telling them that you will give them a taste of this energy in a diksha. Maybe we could sit them in circles & you & JC could go around pouring it into them! I needed to give these Spanish people something that they could look forward to if they come to that conference nite. I hope that that is OK with you! I'm feeling that the hall will be absolutely PACKED! It holds 150 but people can stand around the outside & I like the idea of it LOOKING overflowing & being intimate by everyone being close together!

The Spanish don't mind being close & intimate

* * *

Dear Alexis!

 I am so happy, the more you share grace, the more you and others will get it. That is the whole purpose of this site, to spread what has happened to some to all others, and those who share will often get an even higher state. That is the law of Grace. Looking forward to come to Spain!


Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you can find more at this link.

* * *

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Mexico & Central America, click here


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