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Things are going Unbelievably well..


Things are going UNBELIEVABLY well here in Cancun Mexico!!

Since arriving on the 1st of September, enjoying once again the marvelous ocean beside me.. sleeping to the sound of the crashing waves.

Everything has been one major flow..... I have been SO busy that it has taken me until now, 19 days later to find my way to a computer to
begin to download the many photos & write you all the latest!!

I began with the 127 Cancun Firemen Brigade the very 1st morning! What a joy they are! Always so fun loving and helpful! The Director
is an absolute joy supporting me in everything that I could possibly need! The firemen have driven me to most all of my meetings in Cancun
always eager to help support me in my work transporting me in their many different fire vehicles! The HUGE firetruck is my favorite!
You can NOT imagine it`s SIZE!! Bigger then BIG! I feel so privileged to have these opportunities & experiences!

I find myself with the Firemen daily now as they also have an office in the Main Police Headquarters & The Director always has as least
4 to 8 members that need energy in some form! The Director jokes that I am removing the “devil“el chamuco, the negative energy that they
have within them. So if he feels one of them has a bad attitude or is experiencing a bad day he orders them to allow me to remove the devil
“saca el chamuco!” he says! We laugh a lot together! What a beautiful group they are!

Another new family for me!

Just after visiting the firemen at 7 am I went directly to the Main Police Headquarters (which I now I refer to it as my "2nd home" ) It contains
ALL of the Directors of the Police and I managed to also give most ALL 18 of them Diksha that very first day! With GREAT success
as I received permission to then continue with ALL of their 2200 policemen. I asked the Chief General Director of Police for his support in
gathering the police in large groups to make it easier for me. Otherwise it would mean visiting 12 different districts 3 days each to sufficiently
cover all the men in their different shifts. That is over 36 days JUST FOR THE POLICE! Impossible! We decided to gather daily groups
of 200! 11 days of early mornings to successfully share Bhagavan`s Grace with them.

So, 6 ninja style dressed police with their 9mm strapped to their legs (FIP Special Forces) arrive at 6 am daily to pick me up at my hotel to
coincide with their shift change! These are the police that deal with the serious crimes like kidnapping, hostages, assault situations etc... and it`s
fun to watch the reaction of the hotel staff not understanding what I could of possibly done wrong or right to deserve such attention!

Then at the end of the day the police also drop me back late at my hotel, sometimes 2am or 3am and there are always people around the hotel with
BIG EYES wondering what I possibly could have done wrong to have the police personally drive me home!

It always makes me laugh!

But just now that is changing. As I`m getting TV Coverage now & press attention in all of the newspapers people are knowing me & stopping me
on the bus & in the streets to talk.

Of course I also recently managed to visit my favorite PFP Police & give Diksha to almost all of their 26 members! The PFP Chief Commandante
received Diksha on his Birthday! Bhagavan`s Personal Birthday present for him! What good timing for him! They are always so grateful & generous souls!

And have a wonderful sense of humor! This police force work alone in their own squad cars and they are required to be well educate so they tend to
be very intelligent, independent souls.

They also only work 8 hour shifts so they tend to be in a more normal flow.

Most all other police organizations work 24 hour shifts, do not require a college education & work together in teams of 4, 6 or 8 to a pick-up!

They are all lovely souls.

I would just like to point out how each corporation has it`s own distinct energy .

Enjoying so much sharing Amma & Bhagavan`s Grace with ALL!

Forever in gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan

Love & Light**



Alexis has written many experiences in her journey, you may find more at this link.

To read how to support Alexis in her free dikshas in Mexico & Central America, click HERE

* * *

Cancun Firemen receiving Diksha

Explaining Diksha with The Director of Firemen beside me

This is an example of a normal day with the Firemen in their backroom of their office located at the Police Headquarters which is my 2nd home now. The Director requests me to "please sacar el chamuco!"
removing the devil (bad mood or attitude) from at least 4 of his members daily The Director himself is in this photo receiving Diksha again as he loves the energy & really appreciates me & my visits! What a
beautiful soul! He takes such good care of me attending to my many needs, phone calls, contacts, rides, internet...the list is looooongggg......

* * *

Giving Diksha with the TV Channels Filming & Press present & Interviewing the Responses of the Police Receiving Diksha

In these photos you can clearly see the Policemen receiving Diksha while the TV Channels & Press are filming, taking Photos & interviewing the responses of the police after receiving this transforming energy! Bhagavan is quickly becoming famous here in Cancun!

A FIP Special Force Policeman with his machine Gun over his shoulder receiving Diksha

* * *

Police Laughing Diksha

These photos show the state of the police when Bhagavan`s energy moves in the form of laughing!I love those moments! I enjoy so much the healing power of laughter!

Lovely photo of a beautifully open Commandante moving into his Heart Space to receive Bhagavan`s Grace

* * *

My 2nd home Main Police Headquarters

You can see Bhagavan`s open air Diksha office clearly in this photo & the lovely souls working in police uniforms waiting their turns to receive his Grace!
This Building is my 2nd home as I spend so much time here!

Cancun PFP Federal Highway Police

The Commandante (Birthday Boy) is just beside me to the left on the picture. Aren`t they a happy, joyful group? I do love them dearly!


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