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April 1, 2007

Sunday April 1, 2007
An exclusive interview by reporter Nadia Altamirano Diaz

A woman who transmits tranquility and instills peace

She is not a psychic and doesn’t use magic, neither promising to heal you miraculously

"I am a channel that transmits energy. I simply touch you and you connect with your own energy source”

A soft and paused voice invites to close your eyes. She then guides you into relaxing inside of your heart and from there requests that you connect with your God so that you may feel the inner peace that you wish to obtain. Breathe deeply. During this time, Alexis Shaffer places her palm over the heart space of those that wish to receive tranquility.  After awhile her palm changes locations; touching the forehead, the nape of the neck, the head and the shoulders. Whoever accepts the chance to experience the therapy can feel peace, tranquility, curing them of depression, expanding their energy and even losing the notion of consciousness.

"Problems do exist and will always be there but there is no reason to suffer as the situation--the problem—intrinsically does not contain any suffering; it is simply our inability to see reality as it is. We ourselves are responsible for creating our own tension instead of peace and tranquility." Alexis Shaffer.


“I am not a psychic or a witch, or anything even close, I am simply a channel that transmits energy" shares a tall, slim woman who admits to possess the gift to transmit peace and tranquility. Problems do exist and will always be there but there is no reason to suffer as the situation--the problem--intrinsically does not contain any suffering; it is simply our inability to see reality as it is. We ourselves create stress instead of peace and tranquility".

Dressed in crisp white clothes, with curly hair and without a drop of make-up, the face of Alexis is illuminated, without any sign of heaviness or worry of any kind as she shares her wisdom with us. Her reward and payment is: " to witness the transformation in people ".

As a sample of what she has accomplished, she shares newspapers articles, photographs and writings that have been published about her, in individual therapies, with small groups as well as overflowing auditoriums, full of everyone from young children to adults and even policemen as all people tend to seek her services.  They call her Doctor, Psychologist and Therapist but Alexis Shaffer does not carry any title “I am all of that and none of it" clarifies a woman who has traveled extensively over sixty five countries and lived three years in India where she really understood the value of transmitting peace.


“When I was just a wee little girl I began with giving advice to adults on how to live" recalls Alexis, who was born in Sweden due to having traveling parents. Now she resides in Barcelona; she has come to Oaxaca after visiting Cancun, Quintana Roo and Culiacan.

In a few days she will travel to either Chihuahua, Veracruz or Monterrey, she is not sure of her destination yet because she doesn’t plan anything.

"The mind is always living in the future; creating problems that don’t yet exist otherwise it is stuck in the past, repeating stories over and over that are connected by loaded charges as it is unaware of how to live in the NOW; which is a word that we need to repeat throughout the day to help us live in the present. Just thinking about it, we lose many precious moments ".

Resembling an excited and joyful little girl, Alexis expresses herself reminding us that the human being is not the body nor the mind, "we possess both but we ourselves are pure energy" and for that reason her therapies are based on the energy centers of the body or seven Chakras.


When people have the time, a fifteen minutes exercise is enough to connect themselves with the energy, that energy which heals relationships, mainly the one that we have with our self. And in addition: cures depression, diseases, clearing pain in the body and helps us to drop bad habits like alcoholism.

"The resistance of your own mind is a tremendous suffering, provoking lack of confidence and resisting life itself", and that is enough. Alexis travels the world with the intention of using a simple glance, or a few words or touching people so that they may experience true peace.

"The Grace and Consciousness is what instills peace and tranquility and simultaneously also heals.

I repeat that I am not a psychic as that doesn’t interest me, as I simply feel the energy passing
through me, at times its passes very strongly and other times not so much. And sometimes I feel sensations like an extremely strong electric current. "


After relating multiple lived experiences in her desire to share peace with people by touch, over the telephone or through sharing words, Alexis is just a simple woman that life has treated extremely well and for that reason she does not charge outright to offer her therapy. "I do not have a specific price preferring to accept donations depending on each individual person".

Her intentions to transmit peace and joy are not related to any religion or specific belief , as it is all about just simply understanding that peace and enlightenment can be obtained by
"living openly and honestly and accepting ourselves as we really are. And dropping the information that we keep hidden from ourselves and others ".

She admits that the energy that she is transmitting "is always available to all of us". It is enough to just close your eyes and ask for it.

A process that can easily be accomplished after knowing Alexis Shaffer.

Written under photo on lower left: "During one of her sessions in a city in the interior of Mexico"


Cell phone in Oaxaca: 951 169 8240

(So lovingly translated from Spanish by Paolo Eugenio)




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