Living in Oneness

April 10 2006

Alexis's Intensive 4 hour Diksha Courses on a Cancun Beach

In order for human beings to replenish their energy, Alexis Shaffer invites the community to participate in the healing sessions that she performs in front of Port Juárez at the beachfront in front of the Hopelchen condominiums. She said that the intention is for humanity to have a better quality of life, leaving aside negative attitudes in order to be in a position to open up to the reception of this positive energy.

“The objective is to help people reach a state of inner peace and serenity, as this is the natural state of human beings,” said the lady healer while indicating to the participants to form a circle in order to create even greater integration. “Hold your hands so you can feel the transmission of positive energy from each other,” she said, so that they would start a relaxation process and be able to absorb positive energy.

She stated that it was essential to live in harmony, as well as to feel joy during the course of our lives, in order to detach ourselves from suffering and from the attitudes that create negativity and contribute to the poor health of humanity.  Alexis Shaffer lives in Barcelona, Spain, and has traveled the world channeling positive energy, and freeing all those who seek her services, from suffering and negativity.

She explained that through the transmission of Divine energy it has been possible to cure depression, illnesses, as well as bodily pains. She also stated that her healing modality is based on a direct conversation with the person in question in order to learn of their afflictions, and in this way channel the energy in an adequate manner. "First I touch the heart so that through this they can also connect with the Divine" she said.

Similarly, she stated that the human body has seven “chakras”, or Energy centers which need to be stimulated in order to awaken the energy of the brain. “The human being only uses 15 percent of its brain, and the need to awaken the chakras stems from this fact,” she stressed.

The first chakra is found between the anus and the genitals (the area of creation), the second is in the coccyx and the genitals, the third is the navel – symbolizing power -, the fourth is the heart, the fifth is the throat, the sixth is in the “third eye”, that is, in the central point between the eyebrows, and the seventh is in the crown of the head which is where energy enters the human body.


Here are a few pictures from the event.  Alexis is writing a story about her experience which will be posted soon.