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April 20, 2007

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper
Positive Mind
Let go, release, detach yourself and move forward with ease
The beauty of this process

The beauty of this process is that it is so simple, it doesn't require any effort and it is available to all of those who wish to awaken to the great abundance of Grace direct from God. Diksha is a transfer of energy, a phenomenon of Grace, which creates an opening through which you can experience the true desires of your heart: Love, God, Joy, Peace, Healing… directly and completely.

Suffering is caused by our own resistance to experiencing reality 'as it is'.
We are living the illusion that there actually exists "a self" that can in fact control this reality. Also being programmed genetically with a fear of "death" also limits us to experiencing a type of slavery to that reality. When this sense of 'self' and separation disappears is when we truly begin to actually live.
Diksha is a transfer of Divine energy which helps us to disidentify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness.
Diksha starts a process of awakening the Divine Presence inside you, taking you towards Oneness, enabling you to see the reality of what you are in every moment, healing your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment….
You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

These are some experiences from people who have received Diksha = Oneness Blessing:

  • My experience today transformed the way that I now react to my problems and my feelings towards my family. As it forced me to reflect on who I am, realizing that I'm not actually always right and I really need to improve myself so that everything around me also improves for the better. Thank you Alexis for gifting us with this experience. Aída Morales Sánchez from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico

  • First of all I wish to thank you for the experience that I’ve just lived. I felt tingles all throughout my body and the most meaningful part for me was when I saw in a vision 2 people suffering. It scared me a little until I saw white Angel like beings come and rescue them. And there was so much intense energy surrounding all of us. I would like to congratulate you Alexis and thank you so much for such a profoundly beautiful experience. Nora Marisa Prado Silva.

  • I read your article and I loved it!!
    Hello dear Alexis:
    My name is Carolina Hernández & I live in Cancún Quintana Roo. I’ve heard about Diksha thru a girlfriend of mine, and the truth is that I knew nothing about it before seeing your website, Reading about people’s experiences, the meaning of Diksha and the Moola Mantra and most of all how beautifully you have written everything; with all of the fine details!!
    I’m not lying when I tell you that just entering into your website creates an immense feeling of peace inside of me, and then reading so many things that you share with us gives me a new love for life as you bring to consciousness that all is readily available to all of us at all times but I feel out of ignorance that we just don’t notice this as we so easily pass them by.
    I’m very sentimental and I’ve always liked natural things, and communicating with people like you that has found this peace inside inspires me as it is something that we all wish to feel.
    I would like to continue to know more about Diksha as I’ve always known that negative energy exists, but I didn’t realize just how much! How unbelievable really!!
    How beautiful life is when you can breathe it in and live it with love. I have a partner that doesn’t believe in these things and I have always prayed for him as he is a lovely man; so loving, always taking care of others needs but I feel that he carries negative energy as he is always tired and without energy now as before when we met he wasn’t at all suffering from this problem.
    When I read your webpage I only thought of him and I would like it if you could send him some energy with blessings full of love and also for me as this is the very first time in my life that I am writing someone and I find it difficult to properly express myself but one thing I can say is the story by
    Richard Hanníbal really got my attention and it inspired me to send him our very best sunsets that we experience here in Cancun. I know that you have spent time working in Cancun and I would like to know when you will return again as it would truly be my honor to meet you. I wait for your reply and I bid farewell with love, Carolina Hernández

Let go, release, detach yourself and move forward with ease

It's very important to realize when an actual phase of your life is ending. If you insist on remaining stuck in a moment, hanging on beyond the necessary time you will end up losing your happiness and sense of what is. Closing circles and doors or closing whole chapters. Call it whatever you like, as the most important detail is to allow them to close, to let go of life’s moments that have passed.

Have you lost your job? Is your relationship over? Or you no longer live in that house? Are you forced to travel? Has a friendship ended?
You can waste a lot of time analyzing the ‘whys’ of your past, in the present and in constantly rewinding the tape; try to understand exactly why this or that happened.

It can otherwise wear you down as it goes on infinitely! Because in life the you, the me, your friends, your children, your siblings and every person alive are guided into closing chapters, turning pages, terminating phases of life and moving on.

We can't enjoy the present as we continually long for the past; wasting precious energy in wondering and questioning the whys and how’s. Whatever happened has passed and we must let go and detach ourselves. Unfortunately we cannot remain children or even teenagers forever, or employees of inexistent businesses or even continue being linked with those who no longer wish to be linked to us. No we cannot.

Life’s situations just happen and we must flow with them and then let them go! That's why it is so important sometimes to erase the memories, give away the presents, change homes, discard papers, shred documents, and sell or give away our books. External changes may symbolize an internal process of self improvement. Letting go, releasing, and detaching yourself. In life no-one plays with a marked deck of cards and one must learn how to win as well as lose. We must let go turning the page of life. Learning to live with what we have in the present. The past has passed.

Don't wait for someone to return it to you. Don't expect to be rewarded. Don't wait for them to notice who you are. Release all resentment and regret. Repeating the issues of "your personal movie" over and over only hurts you mentally. As it poisons and creates bitterness in you.

Life is always ahead of you, and is never left behind. If you are a person who continually lives your life leaving "open doors" behind you; just in case, you'll never be able to detach nor live life’s present moments to your complete satisfaction.
Love relationships and or friendships that are left open-ended with possibilities of “going back" (what for?), need to be clarified; of those unspoken words, and invading silence. If you are up to facing them NOW, then do it! If you can't, then let them go! Close those chapters. Be clear with you that no, I won't go back.

Understand that it’s not due to pride or ego but simply because you no longer belong, in that place, in that heart, in that room, in that house, in that desk, in that office.
You are not the same person that you were, just two days ago, three months ago, a year ago. So
in reality there is absolutely nothing to go back to.

Close that door. Turn that page. Close the circle. You wouldn’t be the same nor your surroundings that you would be returning to because in life nothing stays still. Life is in constant motion. Nothing is static.

It's for your well being, your mental health as loving yourself is letting go of what no longer exists
in your life. And especially remember that nothing and nobody is indispensable. Not any person, any particular place, or whatever job.

Nothing is vital to your life because: when you came into this world "you arrived" without attachment. Therefore it is simply a "habit" to live attached to whatever it is and with a little inner strength, you can learn to live without those physical attachments that may give you pain today to let go of. It's a simple process to learn to let go and can easily be accomplished as, I repeat, there is nothing and nobody that is indispensable. It's only a habit, an attachment, or a false sense of necessity.

So… shut that door, find closure, clean it up, throw it out, let it breathe, detach, let go, shake off, and release. There are so many words that define a healthy mind and no matter which ones that you choose, they will definitively help you to move forward with ease. As THAT is life!
Paulo Coello

Alexis is presently working in Culiacán, Sinaloa Mexico.
Please feel free to write me at:


I’ll be happy to share this TRANSFORMING WONDERFUL DIVINE GRACE through DIKSHA with your friends and family so that ALL experience the TRUE JOY OF LIVING that is our birth right!

Suffering is UNNECESSARY! I guarantee to you that there is ANOTHER WAY!

WE ALL ARE ONE ONLY LOVE EXISTS…. Everything else is just an illusion!

I’ll be even happier to show you giving you the opportunity to have your own experience through Diksha=Oneness Blessing.

I love you all and send you BIG HUGS full of Love.


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