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April 21, 2007

It all began when I lost my voice due to giving a 3 hour course without a microphone to the Mexican Federal Highway Police (PFP).

The following day without sufficient time for rest, my vocal cords suffered with keeping my commitment to give 2 Dynamic courses to a lovely group of the Federal Crime Investigation Unit in the early morning (PGR) and without a break moving on to another for the 60 Directors and Commanders of the Cityís Police Force in the afternoon.

The rest of my body was healthy but I felt that it was difficult to hear let alone understand my words as only this pathetic squeaky stuff was emanating from my throat.

Fortunately the words and energy had a successful impact after all as everyone was overwhelmed with the results at the end of the conference.

I learned that voice doesnít actually matter as everything happens without Alexis even being Ďinvolvedí at all. Itís all Divine.

Let me explainÖ

As I was finishing up with the last group I found Alexis doing something that was really out of the ordinary! She began explaining to a group of very strong willed macho men with Catholic upbringing who Amma and Bhagavan are! I was shocked as this is NOT something that she normally speaks about with these Government Agencies as she doesnít want any misunderstanding regarding religion. But rather spontaneously Alexis took out a large Sri Murti (blessed photo) of them explaining that they are Avatars and they gave her this gift to help humanity. She also expressed that she is especially concerned for the safety of the police, military and government in this city with the high rate of violence particularly against them and for that reason wished that they all receive Divine Grace.  

She decided to focus on these agencies after many Officials reported that following Oneness Blessing they experienced an enhanced connection to The Divine resulting in an increased protection from the many unforeseen dangers faced in their chosen profession.

 Alexis also advised this group to prepare themselves for miracles that will be coming their way as she had received miraculous reports from many uniformed men and women in other cities where she had worked.

Alexis made another amazing gesture offering them all small pocket sized Sri Murtiís (blessed photo of the Avatars) to carry in their wallets as a reminder of The Divine and its protection. She ran out of stock just as the last outreached hand grasped the Sri Murti!

I cannot express to you in words the impact that the Divine had on that particular group that day. Profound experiences filled everyone with emotion and gratitude as that afternoon came to a close. It was extremely difficult to bid them farewell to them, as a special bond was formed between us in those short hours.

A mere 36 hours later
the Director of the City Transit Police, experienced his very own Divine Intervention!

He was driving his young son to school early in the morning and suddenly found themselves to be victims of gunfire! There were 5 hired professional assassins surrounding the vehicle with AK47 machine guns with only one plan; murder.

Fortunately the assassin standing closest to him just in front of the car experienced his finger trembling on the trigger of the machine gun rendering him unable to fire properly!!

But the other assassins had great success and the bullets penetrated the vehicle.

Miraculously BOTH the Police Director and his son sustained bullets grazing off of their arms causing trauma but no life threatening injuries.

Can you imagine?? A real miracle!!

5 armed assassins with machine guns attacked them, and only bullets grazed their arms?

The bodyguards in another vehicle responded valiantly and after an amazing gun battle, one assassin was shot dead and a bodyguard was injured.

I was told that it all happened so fast that he didnít even have time to ask God for help but he did have that small pocket sized Sri Murti in his wallet.

Do you think THAT was merely a coincidence?

Was it pure chance  that I was sent to THAT particular Police Department just 36 hours before?

While our minds are contemplating that..

Octavioís family along with his 11 year old son and Alexis are all thanking God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, Bhagavan, Amma, and The Divine!!

Unfortunately assassinations happen DAILY in the conflictive state of Sinaloa Mexico and the criminals have a very high success rate as their victims lives normally end violently!! From 2 to 10 bodies are found each day murdered in a quite horrible fashion.

I know that The Divine was specifically protecting Octavio & his son that morning.

THAT is why Iím dedicating my time giving courses specifically to these brave uniformed men and women that are daily risking their lives to protect their countryís citizens.

It is nothing less then an honor and I do so with all my heart and soul.

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours as well as
your entire family of Divine Light Beings that I hope to someday
meet in this physical dimension!

Enjoy the energy, the inspiration and most of all be conscious of your experience in every moment: being the witness to your own awakening and explore the infinite universe that resides within you.
I wish to send you off with a warm embrace to help open your wings; trusting life to guide you exactly where you need to be in each moment as you begin the rest of your blessed journey and donít forget to laugh along the way as life is NOT serious....

Itís a Divine Carnival !!

Forever in Gratitude to the Divine and honored to be a part of the Grand Mission Transformation and Awakening of Humanity.
Love & Light**

The Official Announcement for the course:

Culiacan City Police

Consisting of the public security sector; operations, crime prevention, city transit authority police, including operations and road safety, also participating will be civil defense and protection units. All of these groups fall under this municipal jurisdiction.

With the purpose of inspiring the development of the members of our institution, continuing with different aspects and doctrines in order to fortify our agentís performance. With this motive we will today provide a course of relaxation and reinvigoration counting on the participation of a total of 58 directors and senior officers.

        Director of Culiacan Cityís Public Security with 16 commanders and chiefs of squadrons and an additional 17 commanders working in the various city departments.

         Director of City Transit Authority Police, with 25 agents in the following categories:

7 commanders, 5 sub. Commanders,5 officials and 8 senior officers.

A Few of Their Experiences: 

        When I entered the hall in which the relaxation session was given, I was extremely stressed, suffering from shoulder and neck pain. After living this unique experience I now feel completely different; peaceful and relaxed with a whole different attitude. Now I feel a new desire to work and spend time closer to my family, my children, my wife, my parents and siblings with a new optimism. I also feel that with this type of motivation the bonds of friendship and brotherhood in my department have now been strengthened and fortified to a surprisingly new level. Well, the experience was truly amazing and is really difficult to describe in words is what I feel. When you were speaking, I was observing you and could clearly see an aura or white light all around your body. During the exercise when all connected with holding hands I felt in a  moment towards the end, like slight shocks of electricity running through my body.

        When the session began, I realized that I had been carrying some heavy energy in my body almost as if I myself was a heavy cement block, and as you went deeper into your lecture, I began to observe how my negative mood and my heaviness was being lifted, and now I am happy to say that in both my body and spirit I feel light and agile and with a much more positive mental state, much deeper and more sincere. Thank you so much.

        After the exercise I felt deeply rested, and my strongest experience that I felt was the way that a powerful energy arrived into my hands entering and filling my entire body, mostly perceiving it in my face. Also I observed abstract images of purples and red colors.

        Iím happy for the ability to feel this peace and lightness inside of myself, as it was truly a new experience.

        What I felt after this session is a deep tranquility within myself and a little more vitality in my body. I also liked very much the dynamics of the presenter Alexis.

        Thank you so much Alexis for sharing these very enjoyable moments with us Policemen and I wish to share that I sincerely feel very promising upon receiving your Blessings and we all hope that you will return again soon to share more with us.

        I felt wonderful, extraordinary things that I had never before felt, especially seeing white lights, orange, purples and blue, like flashes, and after completing the exercise, I now feel much lighter (with less weight) and feel a deep tranquility and much more peace inside.

        Senorita Alexis, First I would like to congratulate you for the excellent exposition!

        I personally wish to thank you for your work as I consider it to be extremely relaxing as well as bringing great emotional well-being to people. These types of activities are attracting me much more now because as you stated correctly during our session: ďthe police work that we have chosen is to always be subjected to intense stress and tension.Ē  A thousand thanks for your exposition.

        After this exercise I feel completely tranquil and serene inside. Finding myself deep into the session with my eyes closed ,listening to the music, the combination of your words along with the exercise, my mind was transported to a dimension that I really cannot explain in words. What I can explain is seeing lights and colors of yellow, blue, violet and afterwards experiencing a deep tranquilizing peace! Thank you 

        For the most part I can say that I now feel amazingly tranquil with everyone and everything but especially with myself.

        I want to thank you for this opportunity to be here with you and receive this transmission of positive energy that I felt deeply. Iím now experiencing an inner peace that you have left me with and I so desperately needed. Congratulations for possessing this gift and thanks so much for visiting and sharing it with us as we will wait for your soon return again to this city.

        I saw many things during the exercise that I cannot explain. I saw my grandmother, a woman with castanets, a man singing, elephants, a tragic event that I had previously experienced in the cityís cinema, the ocean, the forest, the mountains and a tidal wave in Sinaloa.

        After experiencing your technique of relaxation I now feel really good inside; very relaxed, lighter and overall very well

 (Thank you Merci and Alex of Cancun for your loving translation from spanish)


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