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April 26, 2007

Invitation. A lecture today in the Polytechnic Auditorium with Alexis Shaffer about healing.
Alexis will talk about the liberation of energy.
Patricia Servin
El Debate, Culiacan, Sinaloa
April 26, 2007

Do you wish to live in harmony? And without suffering? Well then, learn how to channel you energy and find healing.

Alexis Shaffer is offering a free session for adults in the Polytechnic auditorium at 18:00 hours for all who want healing in their relationships and most of all within themselves.

Alexis, residing in Spain, utilizes the transmission of energy with her precious hands, explaining that the mind is an excellent tool but left untrained it will constantly revolve around these four aspects: Judging everyone & everything, Describing and placing all in itís designated box, Creating conflict, and searching for who is to blame or guilty for their suffering. Many people aren't aware of this and look outside for reasons for their problems, when the answer is actually inside of us, and that is why is so important to know clearly who we are.


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