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Doors in Consciousness

As many people as there are on the planet is the same variation of the many experiences in consciousness. "The splendor of consciousness is infinite,". Imagine a huge mansion filled with countless doors; each opening to a new vista, each one so totally different from another. The nature of consciousness is much the same. There are various doors to consciousness and each reveals a different facet of reality to the seeker.

'Oneness Experience' is the 'intelligent divine energy' that activates the various centers in the brain awakening the seeker to the multifaceted perceptions of reality.

The Door of Meditation

Most often we 'try' to meditate on something.

By meditation we mean gathering our attention and focusing it on the object of meditation.

When Oneness Experience opens this door, 'meditation happens'.

An inner passivity and observation becomes a natural state of being. Walking, eating, listening, thinking, everything become an act of meditation.

The Door of Life Review

Oneness Experience can also put you through a "life review" where you become the other and experience the pain caused to them.

You also experience the various emotions that you have not confronted within yourself. Thereafter acceptance and connectedness become natural to you.  The force of judgment weakens, paving the way for the flowering of the heart and a more sensitive experience of life.

The Door of Calmness

The Oneness Experience puts you into a state of calmness where you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.  The external world does not disturb your inner peace.  Strife with life comes to an end.


Oneness Experience might also open the door of bliss where every sensory experience or experience in consciousness gives rise to bliss.

Expansion of Consciousness

Oneness Experience could take you through this door of compassion where your consciousness expands beyond the physical frame (body) and encompasses everything around.

You start experiencing the pleasure and the pain of all beings within yourself.

Experiencing reality without the interference of the mind

 The mind is constantly judging, commenting, and evaluating every experience. It either moves into the past or the future or makes you look at the present through those frameworks.

The Oneness Experience de-clutches the mind and makes you experience reality without its interference.


Oneness Experience puts you on the 'witness stand' where you no more are a 'participant' but you become the 'observer' to all experiences of life.

There is no 'you' going through these experiences of life.

The experiences alone exist. 

Visiting other worlds

Consciousness is not bound by the limited frame called the body.

It is beyond space and time. Oneness Experience opens this door where simultaneously you experience more than one reality.  It shifts your center of Awareness and lo and behold!  You are aware of other realms, without necessarily shutting down your senses or creating dysfunction in you.

Perceiving reality as a dream

A famous Chinese enlightened master once said, 'I do not know if I am a butterfly dreaming that I am a human being or am I a human being dreaming of a butterfly'.

So many times we have wondered how real our dreams appear when we actually go through them.  Just as all dreams are illusory, for the awakened reality appears as a dream.  When Oneness Experience opens this door, you see everything as a dream in consciousness. 

 God Realization

This is actually coming face to face with God.


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