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Feb. 5, 2007

Just before Christmas leaving behind the sunny skies and white sandy beaches of Cancun Alexis suddenly found herself in the freezing cold and snowy highlands of Chihuahua, had she lost her way??

Not really, let her explain in her words as it surely wasn’t in her plans, not that she ever has any…

Namasté Beloveds,

On Christmas Day, 2006 I decided to take a few days rest for myself and tour the Copper Canyon through Chihuahua by train. It is the ONLY train in Mexico and has fantastic views of the Canyon. At 6am the train departure was delayed due to an unexpected snow storm and I found myself patiently waiting in the train station as I observed 3 uniformed men dressed all in black carrying machine guns board the train as routine security.
Nature was taking its course as it had just begun to snow quite heavily in the mountains; an event that reportedly hadn’t happened in over 3 years! This storm unfortunately caused a bridge to collapse so the train wasn’t able to continue to its final destination of Chihuahua and we would be required to get off in a small mountain village called Bauichivo: much before I personally had otherwise desired.

The best views of the Canyon are found in a well known tourist destination of Divisadero, located just 5 hours further thru the mountains by railway.

Many people in that station decided to wait for the storm to ease up and didn’t take the train that morning as it wasn’t guaranteed that we could make it at all to Divisadero before a possible freezing cold and snowy 3 days more.

I could feel that it was truly going to be an adventure and I was surely up for it so off I went. During the 6 hour train ride I ended up speaking with the man who sold the tickets on the train as well as the restaurant manager of the dining car. And of course after sharing The Grace with them, there soon formed a line of all the kitchen staff and then the 3 Security Police men. All were transformed into states of tranquility and very grateful for my sharing.
The Security men helped me down from the train with my heavy suitcases and we bid farewell at Bauichivo without plans or expectations of ever meeting again.
Leaving the train I found myself walking in freezing rain and Zero Celsius temperatures not knowing where I would stay for the night. After 15 minutes of much chaos, as many impatient people were also searching for rides and hotels and not enjoying getting wet and frozen all at the same time.
A sweet man appeared, Tito who owned the San Isidro cabins in a town called Cerocaui located just 40 minutes drive away.
He had one seat left in his pick-up truck (just perfect for me) so I felt that that must be where I needed to be. Upon arrival to his cabanas, I was given a lovely room with a functioning gas heater (not common in those circumstances) and proceeded to rest for some hours before dinner. Tito came to fetch me just before dinner as he was concerned that I might sleep the night thru and we began speaking about what it is that I am doing here in México and he quickly became interested in Oneness Diksha for his wife as she was suffering very much physically.
I offered to treat his entire family in which there were only 15 members including all of the children and upon learning that they were all born and raised in this very small village up in the mountains it was quite a pleasure to share The Grace with them as they were all very sincere people living purely from the heart. To everyone’s surprise, after just 30 seconds; Tito’s sister Mary received what I will call State 3 of enlightenment and the tears flowed from her eyes for over 5 hours in joy and gratitude!

Mary’s Experience Cerocaui, Sinaloa Dec. 30th 2006

I arrived to the San Isidro cabins and there I met a woman who changed my life!
She enabled me to see life from a different perspective and I thank my beloved God for placing her in my path. I would like to extend my gratitude to her as she was an angel who completely changed my life. When she placed her hands on me I felt a sensation that my Heavenly Father (God) was actually there with me as I saw in her face Jesus’ image and I saw her all dressed in white in my vision. (She was really wearing blue jeans) In this moment I felt as if I needed to let go of all that I had repressed inside and I cried and cried and cried as I couldn’t stop crying for over 5 hours straight. Alexis explained that it was a waterfall of joyous liberation.
I am so very grateful to God for sending Alexis to help us experience being closer to Him. Our entire family is so grateful to Alexis for healing our bodies and souls. We feel to offer her a lifetime open invitation of our hospitality I hopes that somehow that will compensate for what she has given us. Thank you Alexis your admirer. Mary

Their father also had been suffering for many years with Asthma and in his words shared,
“When I saw you Alexis, I knew that God had sent us an Angel and I give great thanks to The Divine for this gift of Grace that you shared with us!
I now feel truly transformed and much more secure and happy within myself after the session. Thank you from my heart and soul.”

Tito felt so grateful for this visit that he refused to charge me for my stay and also invited me to return with my entire family as his guests for the rest of my life, free of charge.
He hoped that somehow that would compensate for what his family had received that day.

Unfortunately that evening after dinner, the gas ran out of the heater and I slept in ALL 4 layers of my clothes including my leather jacket under 3 layers of blankets and I was still shivering! The water pipes had frozen completely so there was no running water to brush my teeth let alone the idea of a hot shower! It was only 15 below zero Celsius!

A true Arctic Adventure!! Just missing the igloo..

The warmth of the hearts of Tito and his family touched me so that I stayed another night. The children created beautiful artwork in paintings for me expressing their gratitude from their joyful pure hearts.

The following evening I was moved to a room with a wood burning stove that I gladly awakened the whole night thru to maintain burning so I would have some level of comfort during my sleep. I must admit that the white blanket of snow covering the beautiful landscape of the Sierra was definitely worth it!
It was a shame that I didn’t have proper shoes to be able to walk in it and enjoy it to the fullest. (I only had sandals)

When I boarded the train 2 days later I was pleasantly surprised to be in the presence of the same 3 Security Police men, Fernando the train conductor in charge of ticket sales and Salvador the Dining Car manager. They were also so happy and grateful to see me that I was given my train pass free as well as a delicious lunch. And my Security Police friends asked me if I would please treat all 22 of them in Chihuahua when I arrived. I told them that if Existence guided me there, it must be sure that ALL of them would receive His Grace!

Upon my arrival, I found myself first visiting the Military Base followed by the Air Force Base finding the personnel so genuinely open and grateful for the opportunity to receive The Grace that even though I was suffering from the freezing cold temperatures; (since I wasn’t prepared at all for this type of weather with my light cotton clothes) the warmth of their hearts truly touched me and I decided to stay in their lovely city and continued for 5 more weeks!
And I did just that sharing the Grace with absolutely everyone from the highest ranking Govt. Official of the city, all levels of Police, Government, Air Force, and Army as well as finding willing supporters who organized large groups as well for the families and friends of all of the personnel. And they also very lovingly cared for me by providing me (in my favorite color white) a long wool coat, scarf, gloves and long johns to wear under my skirts for my stay in their beautiful city. It was one of my most enjoyable and yet unexpected experiences of my life to work sharing the Grace in freezing temperatures and at the same time observing the reactions of the physical body.
And yet my heart was thoroughly warmed from the abundant love and gratefulness shared by all of the Chihuahuenses so touched by the Grace and transformation that they experienced.
I carry very special memories in my heart of that lovely city and all of it’s people as we shared unforgettable moments together.

Hugs from the corners of my heart to yours as well as
your entire family of Divine Light Beings that I hope to someday
meet in this physical dimension!

Enjoy the energy, the inspiration and most of all be conscious of your experience in every moment: being the witness to your own awakening and explore the infinite universe that resides within you.
I wish to send you off with a warm embrace to help open your wings; trusting life to guide you exactly where you need to be in each moment as you begin the rest of your blessed journey and don’t forget to laugh along the way as life is NOT serious....It’s a Divine Carnival !!

Forever in Gratitude to Amma & Bhagavan and honored to be a part of their Grand Mission in the Transformation and Illumination of Humanity.
Love & Light**


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