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A Heart Flowering Valentine’s Day Gift for the Social Services Branch of the Military

It was a very special Valentine’s Day in 2008 as Alexis had the honor of observing the opening of many hearts of the people employed in the Dept. of Social Services in Mexico City. It was a beautiful event as many were already familiar with Oneness Blessing from attending a previous group just a few days before. Alexis was really touched by their open hearted willingness and display of gratitude for the opportunity to participate in another group. When it was all over and everyone bid farewell, they lavished her with the most gorgeous 2 dozen long stemmed roses that she had ever seen. It was truly a magical Valentine’s Day. Here are some of their experiences for you to enjoy as by reading them you will also be transported into the energy of that very special day.



When you touched my heart, I felt one of the best and most beautiful experiences of my life, and even better was a delightful warmth that I felt in my stomach. I didn´t perceive or rather I could not see any colors, but I felt something so beautiful that left me feeling deep tranquility and peace. Anonymous


It was a very beautiful experience as I felt the flow of the energy and when we let go of our hands and we relaxed without opening our eyes. I concentrated on travelling, and for a moment I felt as if I was in the air as I didn´t feel the weight of my own body. Unfortunately a person beside me began to move a lot and that took me down from the clouds. The color that I saw was violet. Anonymous


It was incredible. I felt a lot of internal peace. I felt how the energy moved all thru my body. It was a unique experience.  Enrique Solís


It was a very nice experience that helped me to relax. And in a certain way I felt that I was in another place that was not here. It was very peaceful. Thank you. Anonymous                                                                                                                    


This experience was very good, because it helped me to find tranquility. The exercise was also very good. The experience that I had was that I saw the color yellow and there was a moment when I couldn´t feel my body at all. I hope to have this experience again. Maria Isabel Rojas Rodriguez                                                    


 I am always full of worries and wondering if what I’m doing is good or not, preparing what I will do the next day, causing me stress, headaches, throat pain and back aches. Before receiving the session I felt like I do every day, but afterwards I felt more relaxed and without pains. It really helped me. I hope to keep doing it, because I want to feel every day as I feel today.  Ariana Álvarez Arredondo 


My experience was one of feeling heat all throughout my body, and tingling. I saw many colors that passed through my mind very fast, colors like violet, dark blue, pink, green and red. I also noticed thoughts as they invaded my mind that did not have any relevance to what I was doing but I was successful in concentrating in what we were doing anyway. Thank you for helping the people of Mexico to realize that we unknowingly live in unconsciousness, because we lack the knowledge of how to be in harmony with the vibrations of the universe. Tonatiuh Moctezuma Morales


I only saw green and the flash of the camera.


I felt a deep relaxation, and there were moments that I felt a lot of heat and the color that I felt more then saw was the clear blue sky.

 The experience was very beautiful as I experienced an intense healing of my Body, Soul and Spirit. I observed a light that surrounded me and I found myself in wispy clouds of a bright blue sky, I felt that I flew inside of the sea and when you touched me I felt the energy even stronger. Thanks for sharing this gift that God gave you to help many people and may you continue helping everyone.  Mónica R. Garnica Manríquez


I want to thank Alexis for making me feel very well for the first time in my life. I felt an intense energy in the palm of my hands, a heat throughout my whole body, tingling, and a deep peace and tranquility. But for everything that I have repressed inside of me, I think that I need at least 10 more therapies. I hope that this is not the last time that she will be with us. Thank you.  Verónica Ruiz Saldaña.


This has been a very pleasing experience. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us. Anonymous


It was an experience that I had never experienced before. I felt anxiety and tingling thru out my body, and I felt during the exercise as if I couldn´t breathe and it was never going to end, and I began to feel intense heat. I saw many purple lights and others between blue and grey, green, yellow and later I felt that my body completely disappeared, as I lost all my strength in my arms and legs. I am so thankful that you shared your gift with all of us and taught us how to calm our mind, soul, and spirit, thanks so much with lots of love. Nora Claudia Luna Vázquez          


I felt as though a negative energy inside of me disappeared and I saw a violet color. I also saw a yellow light when you touched my head and saw/felt that someone was there beside me. Víctor Alfonso Esquivel Sánchez                                                             


It was something new for me and I was very relaxed and in this experience I saw the color green and I would like to know why that when I am bothered by something I feel a very intense and strong pain in my throat.  Anonymous           


The energy was an incredible experience and I felt heat in my arms and a really intense energy force in my head, it was a very special experience. Anonymous


My experience: I felt tranquility, and at the same time nostalgia for my loved ones, my parents and my siblings. When we finished the relaxation exercise, I perceived a very special presence in front of me, I saw the top of a mountain, and like in a dream a man was there dressed in a brown blanket with sandals. I saw the colors green, yellow and magenta. Thank you so much for this experience. Carmen                                                                                                                            


I felt relaxation, tranquility, peace and many other things; and the exercise was something very difficult and a bit complicated. Thank you very much and may God bless you.  Anonymous                                                                                                                           


The experience I had was feeling the energy and seeing a purple color. Many thanks. Anonymous


My Experience: I only felt a lot of energy. Anonymous


I felt sensations all over my body and a little pain in both my back and knees but I was able to see many colored things and felt a sensation of peace. Luís Carteo                                                                                                                    


It was a very pleasant experience and I really liked it. What I felt was at the beginning I felt very relaxed and during the exercise I felt an unexplainable heat and then cold at the same time and I could relax and  ask the Divine for what I wanted. I loved it                              


My experience was that I felt deep tranquility and saw many different colors of light.


The experience that manifested in my mind was one of intense relaxation, a sensation of such enormous tranquility that enabled me to drift far away from here, taking me to other places.                                                        


It was a marvelous experience. I have never felt such peace and tranquility in my whole body, and when I shut my eyes I began to see different colors of light (yellows, purples, oranges, and blues) thank you for giving me deep peace and tranquility on this day.  Joaquín Lagunas Linijo                                                                                                      


The experience was something new and marvelous; I felt a lot of peace and relaxation. I felt the energy passing through my hands and I felt a tremendous amount of heat in my body while my hands felt cold. Thank you                                                                                                                      


It was a fascinating experience that I truthfully had never ever felt before in my life. I felt a deep inner peace and I saw two colors that were sky blue and light purple and when Dr. Alexis touched my heart, I don´t know, I had a sensation that I cannot explain with words, but it felt very, very beautiful…                         


My experience was one of an intense burning feeling in my hands and I saw myself as a little girl, I do not know what this means. When I asked the Divine if my mother was cured, I saw a pipe with flowing hot water and I saw a lot of luminous white light. Erika Villalpando I.


I felt an incredible amount of sensations, like when the energy was gradually intensifying through the connected hands as we focused on each chakra which brought me to the degree of feeling dizzy and I wanted to scream in ecstasy without being able to.  Just after finishing the breathing exercise and beginning the relaxation I suddenly saw myself swimming under water and at the same moment flying high amongst the clouds. After that I saw myself running at an impossible speed but with the sensation that I was going in slow motion. I wish to express to you my extensive gratitude for all my unbelievable wonderful sensations that I experienced. And it is true that I also saw, yellow, red, purple and green colors.  Sgto. Ofta. Jesús Riviera García


During the session I felt as if I was deeply and spiritually liberated. I also felt an intense heat from the energy that everyone was transmitting through the hands and saw the colors, red, blue and yellow. Efraín Valdez Belmont                                                                             


 I felt positive energy, tranquility, and peace. Thank you. Anonymous 


I could feel the energy! I didn´t see but I actually felt the colors. The power of the mind is incredible, and especially the state of balance that I achieved inside. I felt an intense peace entering my body and mind and I actually felt, the recalibration of my spirit or the recalibration of me with my body and mind. I saw a brilliant violet color which was impressively beautiful. Congratulations and always be happy knowing that the truth will set us free. José Luis Torres García


I couldn’t imagine that I would actually be able to feel the power of the energy! I think because we are always so busy with other things and it’s true that we are always lost in what the mind is saying and we allow it to dominate us.


The exercise was absolutely fantastic. It was quite an experience to feel the energy travelling through my entire body, the heat, along with the relaxing music which in the end filled us with an intense peace. I enjoyed it a lot, thanks


In the beginning I was afraid but afterwards I felt a deep tranquility. I also experienced sensations that I cannot explain in words. I saw red, yellow and blue colors. Thank you so much. Anonymous


I could feel a deep relaxation in my body as if I had intensely rested. Anonymous


This has been a unique life experience for me since participating in the group; I feel a deep peace and tranquility inside of myself, as well as feeling much more strength now to perform my activities and duties. Anonymous


I can’t specify exactly what I saw and felt but I have to say that when the lecture began I was in a very bad mood and when it finished I felt extremely good inside, and it is very rare for me to feel that good. I also felt chills and even perspired during the exercise but it wasn’t unpleasant. Thank you. Anonymous


I felt very relaxed, and I saw colors. I feel really good now and I liked the meditation. It was a beautiful experience. Anonymous


It was a difficult experience for me but an unforgettable one. Firstly I saw many colors, and I felt a profound relaxation in my entire body, afterwards I felt like my body was floating. I also felt small currents of energy in my face and this surprised me in the beginning but little by little it passed. Thank you very much. Anonymous


I felt chills of energy and later I felt very tired.  Isaías Gómez Castellanos


In the beginning, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to complete the breathing exercise as I felt very hot and my throat felt parched but just after that I traveled out of my body losing myself completely,. It was a really good experience and I liked it very much. Thank you. Anonymous


I had such an intense tingling sensation in my hands that I thought my hands were going to stay stiff forever, then I woke up and I felt much better, relaxed.


In relation to the lecture and the exercise that we did on February 11th 2008, it was very enjoyable and I obtained excellent results in regards to the energy that I now experience in my body.


I felt lots of energy and in addition I saw many colors, like violet, blue, yellow and green.


It was excellent for me and of course I felt the intensity of the energy and I hope that Alexis will visit us more often and regularly. Thank you


I felt an intense amount of energy as if it were electricity!


It was very difficult for me to understand about how much power and capacity the mind has. And without a doubt, I personally enjoy fighting with my mind as it is wonderful. Congratulations and thank you for sharing so much.


It was a very enjoyable experience and I felt as if electricity was running all throughout my body with vibrations, moreover I also saw many flashes as if someone was taking many photos of me. Thank you very much                                                                                                            


I felt my face trembling slightly, an intense heat throughout my whole body and a profound tranquility, relaxation and peace inside. Anonymous


Just listening to her talk gave me deep peace and tranquility and during the exercise, I felt a lot of energy, heat and I especially didn’t notice the time passing by at all. The music is also very relaxing. Anonymous


I was transported to a place full of very tall trees; afterwards arriving to a place full of mud houses similar to igloos. During the session I saw many different colors of blue, green, purple, white and grey. During the breathing exercise both my lips and hands trembled and one of my hands was transmitting heat while the other felt really cold. It was really amazingly wonderful how the music made me feel. Thank you very much for everything.                                                                                                           


I felt lots of tingling, saw many colors, and I actually felt the energy very intensely. Luis                                                                                                             


It was an excellent experience, I think my mind (perito) is very dominant and I will try to get him under control little by little.


Ok. The exercise was very, relaxing, but my mind can’t seem to disable itself from the actual situation, so I need much more practice to improve on that. I experienced something very strong during the exercise as I felt very frightened by the situation of a child of my partner or classmate seated at my right side, it was about his school, but I don’t know this child. Lieutenant-Colonel Guevara   


It was a very beautiful experience, a sensation of immense peace. Seeing colors was also amazing, it was truly very special.


I saw purple, orange, red and white colors. It’s a feeling of deep spiritual relaxation inside of the mind. Knowing the self is an amazing and wonderful experience!


Thank you so much for coming to share your gift with us. During the exercise, while holding hands with my comrades, the left side of my body became very heavy while I felt the right side of my body very relaxed, the exercise continued and I felt a tingling sensation throughout my entire body and then the heaviness feeling stopped. I saw many colors too, purple, orange, green, yellow and indigo blue. But I have a small doubt, what does the white light mean? As I was seeing it all the time! May                                                                                                                  


February 14, 2008

It was a very enjoyable and extremely motivating experience for me. Martha Aguirre Rojas.                                                                                             


The meditation was very good, and the relaxation of the chakras is really good especially for people like us and I hope everybody is as pleased.


I felt a sensation from the hands of the people on both sides of me as if they were laughing and I saw a mix of white and yellow colors, as well as a deep blue star that appeared very far away.


I liked this experience very much and I’d like to repeat it. I did see what I had hoped for, “the face of Christ”, I want to thank you for sharing your gift with me and I hope it transforms me because I really need and desire it, Thank you very much.



Thank you for sharing your gift with us, and please come back soon as I liked it very much and I wish to stay in contact with you by e-mail.  Sergeant Caballero



Listening to your talk gave me deep peace and stillness, and in the exercise I felt strong energy, and warmth.  At times I didn't feel the passing of time, and the music was extremely relaxing!



I saw the colors purple, orange, red, white, and felt a deep sensation of rest. I actually felt a mental spirituality deep inside of me and it was an amazing and surprising experience to know myself.



It was a very beautiful experience, giving me an immense sensation of peace, and it was incredible seeing such gorgeous colors.


It was a very emotional and gratifying experience, for it allowed me to project myself and see situations from another perspective that otherwise wouldn't consciously have been possible to visualize.


I felt the presence of my mother who died some months ago and I told her how much I love her and I asked her for help from wherever she is. Domy                                                                                                                  


I felt the same that I felt the last time, my entire body was trembling and tingling and I perspired a lot. Anonymous


I felt an inner tranquility and at peace with myself inside. Fontani                                                                                                   


I felt very beautiful, an inner peace inside, and I saw several colors like as if it were a galaxy, during the second exercise my hands went to sleep and I saw a child playing. Patricia Gómez                                                                                                     


It was a good experience. Anonymous


I will always think that in order to be in perfect balance you must clean your body and soul, to be able to give the very best of yourself, thank you for the experience that I lived today; it has been a great help, congratulations and thank you. Anonymous


Thank you for the experience and the feeling I had throughout all of my being. I felt as if I was transported by something from one place to another, and at the same time I felt lot of peace and tranquility; when you touched my heart I felt that my journey became heavy and slower than before, but there was not much farther to go anyway. Thank you, Anonymous


When I arrived to the conference I felt very nervous, but when I heard Alexis’s voice I suddenly began to feel calm. When I closed my eyes I started to see green, violet and yellow lights and I felt a deep tranquility. I really enjoyed having this experience with my eyes closed. I thank God for making me present on this special day as I really needed it! Thank you. Anonymous


It was a very pleasant experience that I had never experienced before in my life such an intense relaxation; I hope to experience more of this profound relaxation. Anonymous


It’s a very unique and relaxing experience, as it helps you to find a state of absolute total inner peace, also helping to end all discomfort like headaches. Anonymous


I was fascinated by this experience, especially since it was exactly what I needed at that very moment! I needed to feel deep peace inside of my heart and soul; as I hadn’t wanted to see the truth of my emotional reality. And today I feel peaceful, stable and completely in balance. Whenever I have a problem like this, it seems as though an opportunity always arises; some method for relaxing and that pleases me very much, I am overflowing with gratefulness! Anonymous


I felt it was very nice especially when I saw the colors, but unfortunately my hunger didn’t disappear. Mª Guadalupe García Vázquez                                                                        


Good afternoon, it’s the very first time in my life that I experienced this and I feel much better now, thank you so much for this, I felt 2 or 3 distinct flashes in each chakra, and my e-mail is included… Ismael  Verdugo Marmolejo                                                 


I felt lots of tingling during the breathing exercise, and like cramping in my cheeks and lips, my legs went to sleep and I wonder if it is because I have one injured leg. I feel that it is a very enjoyable session as it fills you with a deep peace and tranquility. Anonymous


I had various physical problems before, pain in my left foot and also on one side of my waist. I felt intense heat at the end of the exercise, and I no longer have any discomforts anywhere. Anonymous


Dear Alexis, before anything I would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope that you have had a very pleasant stay here. Continue on this marvelous path that you have chosen, since your words are of immense help for most people, even though there will always be a few that think they have no importance. I wish you the best in life, with great admiration and respect.  Jaime


I felt you touch my shoulders and I saw a very luminous bright white light, I also traveled through the Cosmos for a while and I also saw violet, red and yellow colors, at times mixed together. Anonymous


Thank you for this special day and for being with us. Anonymous






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