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February 8, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008
QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper
Positive Mind
Genuine responsibility for life

We are responsible for our lives in all areas open to our choice; however, I find that we may operate self responsibly in one context and passively in another. For example, we may be self responsible financially but dependent emotionally. We may be proactive when working for ourselves but reactive and non-accountable when working for someone else. We may take responsibility for our physical health while taking none for the effects of our irrational behavior with our children or spouse.

I suggest that we need to be self responsible in 10 categories:

I am responsible for the level of consciousness I bring to all of my activities. When I'm working on a project, listening to a lecture, playing with my child, talking with my spouse, deliberating whether to have another drink, reading my performance review, wrestling with a personal problem, or driving my car, I am responsible for the level of consciousness I bring to the occasion.

I am responsible for my choices, decisions, and actions. I am the cause of my choices, decisions, and actions. It is I who chooses, decides, and acts. If I do so knowing my responsibility, I am more likely to proceed wisely and appropriately than if I make myself oblivious of my role as source. If I accept responsibility, I am far more likely to choose, decide, and act in ways that will not later become causes of embarrassment, shame, or regret.

I am responsible for the fulfillment of my desires. One cause of our frustration and unhappiness is our fantasy of a rescuer who will someday materialize to solve our problems and fulfill our wishes. This is why I emphasize that no one is coming. No one is coming to save me; no one is coming to make life right for me; no one is coming to solve my problems. If I don't do something, nothing is going to get better. The great advantage of fully accepting that is that it puts power back in our hands. We are through waiting and free to act. As long as I imagine that only someone else can save me, I disempower myself. In my avoidance of self responsibility, I condemn myself to passivity and helplessness.

I am responsible for my beliefs and my values. The responsible individual strives to make beliefs and values conscious so that they can be critically scrutinized and so that he or she can be more in control. Much of the time we are merely reflecting what others believe and value. Or our ideas seem to be born out of our feelings and instincts. We are comfortable only with people whose feelings are like our own.

I am responsible for how I prioritize my time. Our choices and decisions determine whether the disposition of our time and energy reflects our professed values or is incongruent with them. If we understand that how we prioritize time is our choice and responsibility, we are more likely to address and correct the contradictions than if we tell ourselves that we are somehow victims of circumstances.

I am responsible for my choice of companions. Naturally, many of us find it tempting to avoid this responsibility. The advantage is that then we do not have to take action. we can suffer, feel sorry for ourselves, and blame others. And we can fulfill a subconscious life script that tells us pain is our destiny. The disadvantage is that then we are stuck in our unhappiness, defeated and disempowered, all our power granted to others. Yet the power is there. The price is to recognize and own our choices.

I am responsible for how I deal with people. Whatever I choose to say or do, I am the author of my behavior. I am responsible for how I speak and how I listen. I am responsible for the rationality or irrationality of my dealings with others. I am responsible for the respect or disrespect I bring to encounters, for the fairness or unfairness, the kindness or unkindness, the generosity or meanness. Whether I choose to speak to others' intelligence or to ponder to their vices, it is my choice. Whether I keep my promises or break them, it is my decision.

I am responsible for what I do about my feelings and emotions. If we accept responsibility for the actions we take on the basis of our feelings, we will be less impulsive and more thoughtful about our behavior. But if we operate on the implicit premise that whatever impulse hits us must be followed, if we believe that feelings are to obeyed without judgment, then we become reckless drivers through our existence.

I am responsible for my happiness. If I believe that my happiness is primarily in my own hands, I give myself enormous power. I am not waiting for events or other people to make me happy. I am not trapped by blame, alibis, or self pity. I am free to look at the options available in any situation and respond in the wisest way I can. If something is wrong, my response is not "Someone's got to do something!" but "What can I do? What possibilities exist? What needs to be done?"

I am responsible for my life and well-being. In taking responsibility for our own existence, we implicitly recognize that other human beings are not our servants. They do not exist as means to our ends, just as we are not means to their ends. We are not entitled to demand that others work and live for our sake, just as we do not work and live for theirs. Morally and rationally, we are obliged to respect one another's right to self interest.

People may choose to help one another- voluntarily. But one is not born with a "right" to the mind, work, and energy of others. Self responsible people do not imagine they were born holding a mortgage on the energy and assets of other people, although plenty of politicians and intellectuals tell them otherwise. Today the attitude of entitlement has reached epidemic proportions.

The idea of living self responsibly has many applications, from carrying one's weight in a marriage to acknowledging authorship of one's actions.

The beauty of this process
Diksha/Oneness Blessing is a transfer of Divine energy which helps us to disidentify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness

Diksha energy is universal & useful in all spiritual traditions.
It enhances our ability to connect from the Heart with the Divine & with all of the people that we love.
Many report that after receiving Diksha = Oneness Blessing they experience healing on all levels, as well as powerful and ongoing spiritual awakening. Most people are seeking harmony and joy. We have discovered that it is possible for everybody to live in that state of inner freedom, even permanently.

Oneness Blessing initiates a process of awakening the Divine Presence within you; taking you towards Oneness, and enabling you to see the reality of what you are in every moment. Also healing your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment….

Conscious awakening is the ability to see reality as it is, without the layers of interference and interpretation imposed by the mind. It is a simple neurobiological event, and can happen instantaneously.

Conscious awakening is peeling off the layers of interpretation from any given event. To the enlightened person, life becomes very ordinary. You walk, and you are walking. You eat, and you are eating. Enlightenment is not about having extraordinary experiences so much as recognizing that each ordinary moment is extraordinary in itself.

Before, there were a thousand interpretations in the mind for everything you experienced. Now, there is only the experience.

In this Divine state you consciously experience your divine self and become one with God. This can be experienced as a great explosion of love or joy, which is much more profound than any worldly pleasure.
When someone reaches this state of being, this connection with God, the Divine, the Absolute, they will surely have achieved the ultimate that being on this earth can offer.

You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

These are some experiences from the Mexican Armed Forces who have received Diksha = Oneness Blessing:

  • Sgto.2/o. Inf. Paulino Pérez Maldonado.
    I felt very tired and stressed out when I entered the room for the lecture with the young lady, Alexis. When the relaxation session began, I immediately felt a deep relaxation and tranquility. I saw dazzling green and blue lights as if I was in another dimension, one of complete and total silence. By the end of the session, I was feeling a bit tired.

  • Alexis, I want to confess that I saw a green light with white sparkles, and from what you explained to us, I know that is very good. The truth is that before entering the room I felt really stressed, as I felt that the whole world was against me. Since the session, I don’t why or even how to explain it, but my whole way of seeing life with this new sense of tranquility and peace that I now have, is distinctly different. Thank you so much and please take care of yourself.

  • I don’t know how to explain what I felt because I don’t know much on the subject, but what I felt was very pleasant. I am very grateful to you because I now feel an inner peace that I truthfully was missing & needing very badly. I wish to thank you and tell you with all sincerity to take care of yourself.


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