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January 26, 2007

Transmitting her Spirituality

Esmeralda GuzmŠn Pando.
El Diario de Chihuahua, Chihuahua.
January 26th 2007

Dressed all in white, exhibiting a big smile with an expressive and pleasant face, this is Alexis Shaffer; healer and spiritual guide helping people to find the peace that many wish for, but don't seem to find.

With a "precious gift", in her own words, Alexis, coming from Barcelona, Spain, says that she came here to help people find themselves again. To do exactly that she is offering relaxation, tranquility and peace in group sessions for those that wish to hear her sharing and feel the energy that she transmits.

She offers a session tomorrow January 27, when she will demonstrate her unique abilities at the Regency Salon, located at Mirador Ave , beside the "sport center Lince", so that all may bring the entire family for spiritual harmony, beginning at 10:00am.

Alexis extends an invitation to all of the people that wish to listen, feel and experience everything that comes from her interior. Also she will remove negative energy and pain, simply by touching the affected person.

She shares that she has only visited about 65 different countries up until now, and she chose to live in more than 11 of them.

In so many different countries, she has lived with people of different races, cultures and lifestyles, helping them to overcome their suffering and be happy with whom they truly are, but she stresses the fact that she has no interest in converting anybody to a particular religion, as she respects each personís chosen beliefs and personal lifestyle choices.

"Iím simply an instrument of the Divine, as I've been blessed with a gift of sharing positive energy which has the capacity to cure diseases and depression", she says.

For now she is staying mostly in Cancun during her visit to Mexico, and thanks to destiny, she was guided to Chihuahua, a place that she didn't plan on visiting, but just happened during her train trip through the Copper Canyon.

"The people are so beautiful here in Chihuahua; very open and hospitable. They have been so very kind to me and if I had known this before, I would have come to this city much sooner!" she comments between giggles.


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