Living in Oneness

July 20, 2006

The Mind is like a Sewer Part II

The beauty of this process

Hello dear readers, my name is Alexis Shaffer and the beloved people of this newspaper have invited me to share my experiences with you.

The beauty of this process is that it is so simple, it doesn't require any effort and it is available to all of those who wish to awaken to the great abundance of Grace direct from God. Diksha is a transfer of energy, a phenomenon of Grace, which creates an opening through which you can experience the true desires of your heart: Love, God, Joy, Peace, Healing… directly and completely.

You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

Some experiences from people who have received Diksha.

How can I even begin to describe in words what is happening in me when it simply just is... just being... without effort... it's feeling that lightness of just being... feeling it at the physical level, organically... nothing has changed, I haven't changed, it's just that I NOW am intensely just being me... without any effort, without pain or attachments, no wasting energy.. It’s so exquisitely strange and yet known, all at the same time... for I am my self... more than ever NOW, just me... Marcela

The bodily sensations during the laying of hands and the immense relaxation that followed gave way to a complete restructuring of my perception. Suddenly, the fight within me was appeased! Years of effort, searching and suffering (actually eons) drifting away into a fading memory. Not only did all of that continue over the following days, but it has become more and more intense and profound and has overtaken every aspect of my life... thank you so much!
Joan Noguera

There is a light that shines behind every thing on earth... behind all of us... behind the skies... behind the Almighty... the highest of the heavens... that is the light shining in our hearts...
~Chandogya Upanishad

The Mind is like a Sewer Part II
by Kiara Windrider

“The mind is like a sewer. “We cover it up with a golden lid, but the stink comes through anyway. It fills the entire house, but we are so busy admiring the golden lid that we don’t perceive it. We do not know who we are. The lid is composed of other people’s concept of ourselves, which is the only way we know to refer to ourselves. We get attached to these images of ourselves.”

We do not have to get to the bottom of our sewers. That is the trauma of perfection. If we only see one of our neurotic dramas all the way through it is enough. The grace will come. Do not make another expectation about how or when it should happen.”
There is a difference between metaphysical knowledge and empirical experience, We metaphysically create the ideal of a ‘soul’, and create immense conflict in our minds the more we try and live up to this ideal image. The bigger our image of perfection, the further away we find ourselves, the bigger the masks we have to put on, and the more conflict and pain we suffer. The longer we are on a spiritual path the more concepts we have built up, and the harder it is to let go.

Empirical knowledge is about being true to yourself in your experience of the moment. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you will see how the unenlightened person is built up of masks, expectations, and ideals, all of it to cover up deep insecurities and self-reproach, core loneliness, and loss of soul. Start with that, explore that. The deeper you go into this core of ugliness, the less you will feel the need to fear it, and the more you will come out of your conflict and suffering.

Our mind is such a little thing in the vastness of experience, I realized. We hold on to our little thoughts when the whole universe is rushing by. We let metaphysical concepts choke us when truth is so very simple. An enlightened person, when he looks at a tree, is simply looking at a tree. The unenlightened person builds up concepts about it, like ah, he is in cosmic communion, he has become one with the tree! There is nothing to become. Enlightenment is to see reality as it already is.

“Sometimes we go about pitying ourselves,” goes an ancient Ojibway saying,
“And all the time we are being carried on great big winds across the sky.”

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I’ll be happy to share this TRANSFORMING WONDERFUL DIVINE GRACE through DIKSHA with your friends and family so that ALL experience the TRUE JOY OF LIVING that is our birth right!
Suffering is UNNECESSARY! I guarantee to you that there is ANOTHER WAY!
WE ALL ARE ONE ONLY LOVE EXISTS…. Everything else is just an illusion!
I’ll be even happier to show you giving you the opportunity to have your own experience through Diksha.

I invite you to receive Smarana Diksha (Diksha transmitted long distance) every Sunday at 11am CA time. You only need to please sit quietly with closed eyes from 7 to 28 minutes breathing into your heart space and requesting that the Divine Presence fill you completely healing your mind and body. Enjoy!!
As myself and many other Diksha Givers are sending Diksha with much love.

I love you all and send you BIG HUGS full of Love.