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Experiences of Gratitude from a Justice Dept. Office in Mexico

Before anything I want to sincerely thank the person who thought of inviting us to this course as I donít have much more to say other then it was absolutely perfect! The truth is that I have never received a course of this type before and wish to thank you so much for this opportunity and experience!

16/06/2007: I mostly want to thank Mr. Chief Justice for this fantastic course that was necessary due to our very stressful work. Now I feel extremely well; very peaceful and relaxed inside. This was an unforgettable experience for me!

June 16, 2007: First of all I want to thank you for your time for teaching us just a small amount of the great knowledge that you possess, I hope that this will not be the last time. It really was a wonderful experience as I now have obtained both physical and emotional tranquility. I also received new energy and motivation to live the now and stop wasting time in trying to solve what it is not possible.

I received positive energy not only throughout the chakras but it also filled my aura so you may expect that I will be in contact with you very often. ďThank you AlexisĒ

I liked the dynamic of the session very much as it made me relax; giving me deep peace and serenity. It was a great experience especially that we lived together as co-workers also learning about the source of the physical pain that each of us are suffering from in our bodies. I sure hope that they will offer us more courses and dynamics like this one.

It was a very beautiful experience as I really enjoyed feeling deep peace and tranquility. And above all, I especially enjoyed the experience of communicating with my co-workers from other departments and learning together about the behavior of the body, mind and the energy. My personal experience was amazing as I actually felt a deep serenity which had been missing in my life and I so desperately needed. I also saw the colors of the chakras which were mentioned and had visions of other scenic places that I wasnít familiar with and I sure enjoyed! Iím so grateful for those hours of attention. Thank you

Iím extremely pleased that you removed my throat pain and my chronic knee pain. During the session I saw purple, blue and red colors. I also gained clarity in my mind about the conflict that Iím having with the person that I love. And I now feel a deep spiritual peace inside.

The truth is that I liked it very much. It was one more experience for me in this life and also the very first time that I have attended a session like this one. I think that it was excellent and that they should give more of these sessions in this Justice office. ďThank you AlexisĒ

Thank you so much as you made me feel more peaceful and relaxed. It is excellent positive thinking!

Well the truth is that I now feel extremely well and this is the very first time in my life that I have felt so good within myself and with such deep tranquility! Thank goodness that people like you exist in the world Alexis.

I believe that this experience is really good for us to learn and experience new things and also to realize that is something else out there beyond us.

June 16, 2007 It was really a unique and rare experience to have for the first time; something completely out of the normal. Thanks for everything. And I still donít know why I ended up crying.

It was a very different experience in which I felt an intense inner peace that I had never felt before, in which I actually experienced it Ė I think it was the energy as I felt so much heat during one moment that I began to perspire and I also saw many colored lights of red, white and yellow.

When you feel this level of peace inside of yourself it makes you reflect on the good things in your life along with the bad ones. And when she touched my head I felt a chill run thru my entire body all the way down to my toes, and she was vibrating a little. I donít know if that vibration is normal or if she felt something in me and anyway I hope it helps me. Thank you

Greetings, the meditation that was given was extremely positive and very useful to me as it relaxed me deeply and also motivated me to live life more positively.

It is a very beautiful experience. Due to the nature of our work there are many stressful moments and learning these techniques help us to experience relaxation, meditation etc. During the exercise you feel an immense tranquility in which your mind goes completely blank. Thanks so much for the support that you gave us Alexis.

Hello and good afternoon. I really enjoyed the therapy very much. You transfer peace and a deep relaxing tranquility to everyone. I appreciate very much the time and energy that you dedicate to us as it is a wonderful experience. Thank you

June 16, 2007: My experience that I lived in the moment was one of feelings of peace, tranquility, and I visualized the colors: blue and purple.

Yes, I enjoyed the session very much and I sure hope that you will return again very soon. Alexis you are very beautiful and yes I also liked very much what you talked about with us and especially when we actually felt chills from the energy.

June 16, 2007 I gained new knowledge and learned individual techniques. It was a unique experience. I also learned control of the mind and personal well being, control of the physical body, and how to identify a person. Expert in Forensics

June 16, 2007: It was a very comforting experience to listen to Alexis as she helped me to regain interest in the things that I had been ignoring in my life as they are actually the most important things to me. I would love to have the opportunity to have this experience again. Thanks Ńngel.

My shoulders felt very tired and during the meditation I actually saw a person that I hadnít seen in a long time since it had been over 12 years that she had died. She was involved in a Cuban religion and since her death I realized that she had tried to contact me to share information with me so that I would continue her work. I always ignored it until today as when you touched me; I saw with clarity everything that she had been trying to tell me.

It was a very peaceful experience that for the duration that it lasted it completely removed my worries of my job as well as my personal problems. It was a magnificent experience in a group as well as personally as you reach a state of inner peace and tranquility deep inside of yourself and your mind, which helps you to think, reflect and achieve a better view of the way that we live our lives and to see that nothing is really difficult and a lot less impossible then we certainly make it out to be.

It was a very good experience, and it was deeply relaxing.

(Translated so lovingly from Spanish by Paola de Argentina)

Experiences from Mexican State Police Officers

Hello, my name is Bernice, I am 24 years old. I loved your class and I felt marvelous when we finished the technique. Thank you very much and good luck in all of your classes. Bye

Alexis you are marvelous. Thank you very much. A Military General

Hello I am Ana Sofia and I am pregnant in my 7.5 month of pregnancy and I felt that I was actually able to communicate with the energy of my baby! Thank you for this gift and for being a channel for the Divine and sharing yourself with all of the people. Through the Divine I now know that he will enter the world naturally and very well.

She is an excellent presenter, an expert in her career, and also very pleasant and enjoyable. Jorge

I felt like I was traveling throughout nature with waves like gray colored wings. When she touched me I felt electricity in my lips, I didnít see any colors but I think that I really learned something. Thank you very much.

My feeling was of peace, harmony, tranquility and a lot of serenity. This was a beautiful experience because I found myself connecting with my inner self. Thank you.

Alexis: Thank you very much for the energy that I felt running all though me. I was able to disconnect from my problems releasing all of my stress and I felt deep peace and inner tranquility. There is no price for this unique experience. Victor

The course was excellent but I need more time to be able to evaluate it well.


It was very good and extremely relaxing.

I felt so much energy that it transported me to such a state that I didnít want to leave it behind and return again to this dimension.
It was a very unique and enjoyable experience; I felt heat in my cheeks and then it was as if an orange appeared directly in front of my eyes, and an intense bright light immediately followed. At the beginning of the exercise in the darkness, appeared three faces, which the one in the middle never did disappear and the eyes from the last face seemed as they were directly in front of mine observing me very deeply. When the instructor touched my head, I felt that her hand was very hot.

I felt that there was energy running all through my body and it gave me an inner peace and I saw a very white light and an image. I was delighted to feel so much peace and tranquility.

I liked the dynamic of the session; as I was able to feel a bit of peace, also perceiving purple colored lights with some yellow. I would like to know more about you, I hope that your webpage will tell me more. Julio

During the exercise I felt a lot of stomach pain, I also felt dizzy and like a very strong electric current that traveled down my arms.

I liked it because I felt a lot of peace.

I loved it as I arrived to the session very stressed and with an intense headache, I had just argued with my mother, and thanks to you, now I feel much better; I saw somebody in my vision but I donít know who it was.

It was a very relaxing experience and puts us in touch with our essence; our inner self. I know it will help me to grow. Thank you. Elizabeth.

These techniques make you reflect and find peace within yourself. With the exercise you can see many colors: purple, blue, green, yellow and red.

I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us. The truth is that it was a very special experience that I felt. Personally, it made me reflect a lot on my life and I felt something that I have never ever felt before. Thank you for everything.

With this experience that I have just lived, I felt that I actually connected with a much deeper part of myself because it touched the most sensitive side of me. I found myself connecting with my very essence, everything that moves me inside. Thank you for making me feel that.

I felt tiredness and emotions. I saw figures passing in front of me but without being able to identify the person and when I was touched I felt my heart begin beating even stronger.

I felt very well, I felt tranquility and peace.

It is a very nice experience, the sensations are something indescribable. I feel relief both physically and spiritually.

I only experienced a deep calmness, but I could feel a co-worker of mine that was holding my hand during the technique and he was trembling.

It was emotionally moving, comforting and was something very beautiful. I saw the white light several times. Also a white light but extremely bright and luminous, it was something Divine because afterwards I felt very well.

I felt tranquility

Magnificent experience!!!

(Translated so lovingly from Spanish by Carolina de Venezuela)


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