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In Chiapas, Mexico Men & Women in Uniform Receiving Bhagavanīs Grace.

Over 2500 people so far!

Namaste Beloveds,

I had no idea how much FUN this would be!!!

I am enjoying so much connecting with the hearts of the uniformed men & women!

And itīs also amazingly enlightening to see how even in places where you would not imagine exists spirituality & consciousness, (commandantes, military) it actually does exist!!!

It took me 4 mornings to effectively give ALL of the 400 Municipal Police & 50 Transit Traffic Police Diksha along with their Administration Staff of Secretaries, Attornies, Internal Affairs Dept., etc.

It was also very rewarding for me as Iīm interested in learning the inner workings of such an organization & I feel as if I underwent a very quick course!

I feel like a Police Psychologist as many of the Police Force shared their intimate problems with me. I could see how healing it was for them to have someone to listen to them with compassion.

Especially an outsider who they could trust would not share their stories as it is a fairly small city where they live & work.

Their very own Police Psychologist is a lovely women but they donīt willingly use her services as I feel they are embarrassed to admit that they would need such consultations.

Most had problems to sleep when needed, which is understandable as they work 24 hours straight then have 24 hours off! Their physical body never gets a chance to normalize itself.

So I shared with them a self healing, chakra clearing, relaxing process that they can do.

It is very effective & most all are sleeping before they reach the final chakra.

I also taught them Vipassana to help deepen their state & awaken their consciousness.

In their military exercises, they already do a form of Vipassana as they have to remain completely still in various postures without moving. They only need to breathe more!

As you can see in one of the photos as they are in a salute to the Commandante!

Sometimes they are left there for 5 minutes!

They remain there until he tells them they can rest. "At ease", he shouts!

It was a beautiful sight to see them all practicing their moves in unison.

200 men with synchronicity was a kind of a dance; with a lot of rigidity in their form.

I guess that was why I was pleasantly surprised to find that their minds & the minds of the Military Commandantes were as NOT rigid as their exercises; as one would expect!

Even though I finished giving Diksha to the Municipal Police, I find myself at their base at some point throughout each day as Bhagavan sends me (my heart) as there are always many police who are in need of some form of healing (injuries) or others coming back from vacation, & police visiting from other cities etc...

I always find myself busy 2 hours each day just with them.

I returned June 2nd to give the Commandante a Special Diksha Experience as he is the special being that made it all possible for all his lovely men to receive Bhagavanīs Grace.

I can not describe in words his experience as it was exceptional what gift Bhagavan gave to him & that will remain forever between him & Bhagavan.

I can share that he is eternally grateful! So am I. I truly love that man!

Wednesday June 1st I was invited to the Firemen Station by the Commandante of their unit.

They are a very close family of 20 men & their Fire Chief is a very open & generous woman.

They were so grateful to receive Bhagavanīs Grace that they wanted to pay me for coming!

I told them it wasnīt necessary & they insisted as they wanted to give something back!

The Chief also wanted to take me for breakfast as soon as she knew I hadnīt eaten!

I felt so touched by them!

They really have beautiful hearts! That I felt immediately!

They have an extra bed in the fire station & invited me to stay with them so that I would stop paying for a hotel.

Within 1 hour of meeting me they offered me everything that they had!

Their money, their food & a bed in their home (fire station)!

I felt so touched by them!

I am also visiting them daily.

I saw a special picture hanging with writing on their wall (see photo below)

The writing explains their Firemenīs Motto in Spanish.

Until that moment upon reading it, I didnīt realize how each fireman is so dedicated to their work! To the extent that they will give their life to save that of another!

It clearly explains that upon taking the oath to be a fireman, they need to make the decision (commitment) that the time may come that saving anotherīs life means the cost of their own.

And when destiny decides that that is what is necessary, their name gets engraved on a crystal of immortality as their soul has shown the highest form of courage & sacrifice & they will remain forever heros in the family of firemen.

It brought tears to my eyes. As I could feel their commitment & their love for humanity.

They then took me to the Red Cross Office & I gave 6 workers there Diksha & they will gather all of their employees of 60 for a mini-course I offered for them this coming Sunday.

They have a perfect large room for me to use as they also teach their Red Cross Courses.

It will turn into a big event as I am inviting everyone who is interested from all of the Police Depts. & the public as well!

I will update with photos as these events happen!

The firechief Gabriela also then accompanied me to the Immigration Police Base.

Upon arrival, speaking with the Administration Staff it was difficult to get them to listen to the fact that they were being offered a gift from my heart to theirīs as they were 100% identified with their working personalities & wanted to see my passport & what kind of visa I have.

(Of course I never have my passport on me after I arrive in a city as itīs safely stored away)

And if Im charging for this "work" that Im doing & the permission that I have for it.

Luckily since all is a gift from my heart there would never be a problem!

After a few minutes of coming out of that īwork stateī they listened to my offer & took me to their Chief of Police.

It was interesting to observe the deep identification the admin staff have with their work personality at this particular level of the police!

The Fire Chief Gabriela was able to see it as well! We just had a giggle inside both of us.

I had a very different experience with the Chief of the Immigration Police & since it was such a special day with high energy, he received the Diksha VERY STRONG & was almost blown out of his chair! He was somewhat skeptical as I explained about Diksha & after receiving the Grace he said, "Oh my God, that is absolutely amazing! You are right! I will gather all my men immediately to receive such a gift!"

He was never interested in seeing my passport & the staff has now changed their attitude to one of : if I ever need any help in extending my visa they will gladly give me anything that I need & without having to pay any taxes or charges as well!

Thankyou Bhagavan!

As I was there I noticed they had 28 illegal immigrants behind bars from Guatamala & 7 from Honduras.They were able to see me giving Diksha to the men & women of the Police from their cells.When I finished, I connected with them thru my eyes & could feel they wished to receive as well.When I moved closer to them, they asked me if they could have it too.

I went to the Chief & told him that his detainees wished to receive as well & that I was willing & he told me to go ahead! They do feel for the immigrants, I saw that.

It was quite a touching experience for me to feel the fear of these scared souls that didnīt have much left in life as they had just fled their home countries in search of a better life.

They had saved up their $$ many years to pursue ītheir dreamī & needed to pay the "mules" (men that help them to cross the borders in the night) their entire savings!

Many die in their quest for a better life, as seen in many newspaper articles on the wall.

"18 immigrants die in abandoned truck trailer" "25 died suffocated hiding in freezer truck"

"14 drowned when raft capsized" "Immigrants killed crossing busy San Diego Highway!"

Itīs really heartbreaking to feel the desperation of these poor souls only wishing for more.

I was very happy that I could provide them with Bhagavanīs Grace which would hopefully provide them with peace & tranquility that would accompany them back on their long busride to their home countries.

They were very grateful to receive Bhagavanīs Grace & thanked me over & over again.

I took photos of them leaving their cells retrieving their belongings as they get ready to board the bus that takes them back to their countries.

I have just received an invitation to Costa Rica via e-mail a few days back & am considering traveling through Central America sharing Bhagavanīs Grace there after I leave Mexico.

I have traveled extensively there just over one year ago so I am familiar with each country & do feel they would very much appreciate The Grace.

It would be very easy for me to just head south from here in Chiapas to Guatamala......

We will see where I am guided next.....

As of now I have given Diksha to about 2500 people here in San Cristobal............

I now feel as though I have one VERY large family here as no matter where I find myself, inside or outside of the town; I am constantly offered a free ride by the various police departments, firemen, & even the taxi drivers themselves as they have all received Diksha along with their families either personally at their base or at The Cross so I never have a need to walk or pay for taxis as there is always someone there taking care of me.

They all want to give something back to me personally out of their gratefulness.

I really feel the love that Bhagavanīs Grace has awakened in the hearts of the lovely beings of San Cristobal, Chiapas Mexico & it wonīt be easy to leave when the time comes.

I will miss them. As I do everyone & everywhere when I have to say goodbye.

New bonds created in every city showing us that there really is no separation, we are all one.

But as I have received an invitation from the Mayor of Tuxtla (a larger city in Chiapas just 75 minutes drive) to begin sharing the Grace there, I feel that it will be fairly soon that I will be moving on from here.

I forgot that last week I gave a radio interview to a reporter that recorded it on a mini tape recorder as I was sitting under The Cross in The Plaza of Peace giving Diksha to a crowd...................

I was just notified that some days ago on TV News Channel 2 out of Tuxtla,Chiapas

(The Capital City)

Bhagavanīs Grace became a Newīs Story!

A News Commentator told that a woman from Barcelona, Spain is giving a "special healing" energy to all in San Cristobal including the government workers & police as well as the public! When I arrive in Tuxtla, I will pursue that avenue & see if I can get more info about Diksha on one of their TV programs!

Especially since I have a DVD of Bhagavan with me with complete subtitles in Spanish

I just gave Diksha to the San Cristobal Mayorīs Assistant also on June 1st & am waiting now for a meeting with the Mayor himself.

I was personally recommended by the Director of Police to him so we will see.....

My heart is overflowing with Love & Grace to all of you & I will continue until ALL receive Diksha, & the opportunity to receive Bhagavanīs Grace!

Love & Light**

At the Humble Feet of Our Beloved Amma & Bhagavan


Firemen Station

Special picture with Firemen's motto in Spanish

20 firemen resting after an Intense Anandamandala group & Diksha in their Dormitory.

20 firemen resting after an Intense Anandamandala group & Diksha in their Dormitory.

Illegal Immigrants collecting their belongings to board the bus to return to their countries.

Illegal Immigrants collecting their belongings to board the bus to return to their countries.

Municipal and Transit Police

This lovely Commandante will ALWAYS be in my prayers

As we STILL communicate to this day with text msgs on our cell phones!

It was a lovely group of 45 Red Cross employees,students & friends that attended.We made 2 circles for Anandamandala so that all would fit in the room in chairs!Amazing that there wasn't even 1 chair left!

Alexis giving Diksha to the Red Cross


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