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Isabelís story
from Isabel
March 04, 2005

"About a month ago I received my first diksha.  When I stepped out onto the street after that first experience, I knew diksha was the path that lay ahead of me. I canít explain the immense happiness I felt inside, the joy I was feeling at having received such a miraculous gift, something that had come along so unexpectedly. How does one describe such a marvelous state of being? A deep knowing that you are at one with joy. This incredible gift from life seemed to be a miracle.

Since then I have done more meditations with dikshas and workshops that Alexis has kindly organized and right now I can say that Iím so happy to be able to take part in this process. I have no idea how long it will take me to get to a permanent state of happiness and constant joy without the normal ups and downs, but what I do know is that for now, the place Iím at vibrationally is so much sweeter and optimistic than it was before I came across this incredible healing energy.

I often feel as if Iím in heaven and other times, Iím aware I still have stuff to work on.

I always try to be honest with myself. I stay aware of the fact I still havenít reached a state of illumination but I feel happier. My relationships have been transformed because I have been transformed and the changes continue to take place.  I also watch my friendsí processes with much love and respect.

I feel true love and true interest and have an enormous desire to say beautiful things without fear. I can now say these things because I truly know that they form part of everyoneís happiness.

My energy levels have risen and as whereas I used to get tired at the end of the day, now I continue to work happily safe in the knowledge that body and mind will always respond to any situation.

I know my understanding, faith and belief that unconditional love is the great energy that creates life is being tested.  Iím so happy to be on this path.  Each day I try to love everything and everyone who crosses my path knowing that Iím being guided to feel full joy and satisfaction.  Most of the time, I find only good things and occasionally obstacles that I must accept.  Some of these problems just disappear but others require more work.

I thank Bhagavan and Amma for this incredible gift and for allowing me to enjoy it all from my very first diksha. I would also like to thank Mariano and Ganga for giving me my first experience of diksha, and of course Alexis for being in Barcelona and generously giving us her light and many opportunities to improve our lives and reach a state of illumination.  Thank you, Alexis for your patience and sweet nature, and finally a big thank you to life for being so perfect and so beautiful."


Translated from Spanish


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