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March 5, 2007

It was a unique experience, and one that I enjoyed very much that clearly helped all of us; especially me as I relaxed in my body completely! 

 It was a very different and good experience as I believe that it is really important to learn new things, especially experiences that help us to become better persons; teaching us to be more authentic in our relating to others.

And at the same time I felt much more relaxed and with a whole new feeling of motivation in my body. 

Well, for me it was a fantastic experience because I could finally be at peace within myself and in addition I have never before felt that level of warmth pass thru my body. I’m not sure how exactly to describe the experience but I clearly felt that my entire body was in total peace with itself. 

This technique was a new experience in that it has helped me to awaken my consciousness more and to now understand more clearly the value of life. 

Thanks for giving me love, thanks for giving me health, and especially for clearing emotions of pride and jealousy that I had so long been repressing.

In the beginning I had visions with lots of fire kind of like rivers of lava or currents of lava burning, and later on little by little I saw different colors of yellow, white and especially green that I especially enjoyed as it was the most beautiful shade somewhat of an aquamarine green.

I saw an image that is difficult to describe as it didn’t really have a form as it began very tiny and grew slowly larger and larger until I could finally see clearly that it was a red rose. 

In certain moments I felt very scared and alone with a lot of fear but then suddenly I felt that all above and below me was an emotion; a presence that truly calmed me.

 It was a very interesting experience as it is difficult for us in the military to express our feelings and emotions; and this allowed me to feel a deep inner peace inside and I really felt your hands clearly when you touched my head and transmitted the energy to me, I could see a bright light and I felt a lot of heat in my body.  

I felt tranquility, and I saw the colors yellow, green, blue and white, I also saw many sparkles and when you touched me I saw a yellow light.

I experienced deep moments of appreciation for my life, and I saw purple and white colored light.

It is a very Divine experience; I really enjoyed the session as it is marvelous and wonderful what one sees.  

It was a very good experience to have felt again an inner peace that for quite some time I hadn’t felt, and I think it’s good to continue doing these types of exercises. 


Experiences from Military Families in Culiacán, Sinaloa

 I felt intense peace, tranquility and saw a light of tranquility.

 I found myself reflecting on what Alexis shared with us in her talk, and when we did the exercise therapy I felt intense energy passing through my body until I felt my face vibrating. Gibran Flores Morales

It was a new experience for me as I had never experienced anything like this in my life before, to feel such control of my body and intense concentration of my mind.        Felipe de Jesús Sánchez López

It was really an incredíbly fabulous exercise going chakra by chakra! I saw the colors blue, green, purple but more then anything I saw especially white. Then I saw images from a place that I can only describe as my third eye as from above my nose and between my eyes I perceived what I consider to be the most important in my life was an image of God and my family all dressed in white.

I felt very amazing and beautiful things that I had never before felt and my heart accelerated with JOY as if I was suddenly being liberated from something that I had blocked inside of me.

It is a very good experience where I felt extremely relaxed even feeling currents of energy in my feet and my lips quivered as I saw a clear image of the Virgen of Guadalupe. I feel that this work that you do for the people is really special and may God Bless you today and always and I’m wishing you very good health always.                    

I felt as if I was high up in the sky and I saw Jesus walking through a waterfall and then I saw him on a cross.

I felt the distinct presence of someone in back as well as in front of me, and I felt and saw a huge White Light all around me as well as seeing the silouette of a person. I felt alot of energy moving up inside of me.

Thank you as it was really an incredible experience!

At first I felt very relaxed and then I felt intense pain in my whole body which finally subsided but didn’t completely disappear. I saw persons, faces, roses and every color of each chakra until my body felt numb.

This is an excellant treatment because it helped me be in peace and tranquility within myself and felt wonderful. I sure hope that you continue giving this peace to all those that surround you. I love you very much.

Humanity needs to learn and practice getting closer to the Supreme Being just to balance the rhythm of everyday life with it’s violence and necessities. I won’t allow this so I asked for enlightenment for the whole world.

My experience changed my way of reacting to my problems and my family and I reflected on my behavior as it is not always correct and I’m not not always right. I realized that I must first change myself before anything around me changes. Thank you for blessing us with this profound experience. Aída Morales Sánchez

My experience was fantastic, I felt excellant even though the exercise was a little difficult. After I dozed off I saw the color purple which is the crown chakra and I felt extremely relaxed. What I asked for was to heal my hands and my stomach problems and I reflected alot on Alexis’s words that she shared with us.

Before anything I want to thank you for the experience that I just lived. I felt a distinct tingling throughout my whole body. The most significant was that I saw 2 people suffering and it startled me but then beautiful White beings took them away and there was alot of energy around everyone. I want to congratúlate you for this experience so absolutely breathtaking!

I felt like I lost consciousness, I saw the color purple and my back felt cold and bothered me during the exercise.

In the beginning it was difficult to concentrate and as time went on I perspired then felt chilled and my legs trembled and during the breathing  half of my face was hurting and after dozing I felt deeply relaxed.

I felt like I lost consciousness and when we finished the exercise I felt as if I was flying. My stomach and back was hurting me alot and I saw many colors like red, green, blue and violet and I saw a star that slowly vanished in white sparkles.

The first thing I felt was intense energy running through my arms and afterwards it felt as though my legs and hands fell asleep.

It was certainly a different feeling as I saw various flashes of light and after that I felt as if I was floating then my hands fell asleep and when the lady placed her hands on me I felt peace and relaxation but I began to feel various pains that disappeared by the end. 

I felt like my body trembled with the breathing which agitated me and dried out my throat and after I had a bit of a headache by the end of the exercise. I felt many emotions practicing this type of exercise and  now I feel much more tranquility. Thank you

I truly felt marvelous things inside of myself like I was was actually guided up towards Jesus Christ and I saw amazing things as like I was passing beautiful green trees beside a beautiful lagoon with lots of colors. And my mouth by itself formed into the shape of giving someone a kiss and believe me it was really something outstanding and honestly by the end of the concentration I felt completely relaxed and my body was something completely different!

I felt as my body had been completely purified and I lived an image of my babies in my mind. I now feel completely cleansed. 

I felt very relaxed when I began concentrating and closed my eyes there was a white light then a purple one. I then began to see my family, my friends and other places I know & have visited. I also asked for a pain in my heart to be healed that at times I’ve felt in my head and when you touched my forehead I felt something like an emotion and a heat run through my whole body and at times it was a feeling of my heart beating with intense emotion. Imelda Minor


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