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May 21, 2007

The education that we give them as a child is one that will accompany them for the rest of their life.

Positive Mind. Each child is a unique being and each with an unmistakable mission in their life.

Understanding the attitude of your child
by Patricia Servin and Alexis Shaffer
Generally the behavior of a little one is due to its natural attitude being cut as a child by the conditioning it receives from the parents wishing that the child will be as they believe it must be.
Of course with this brings great responsibility as it is not possible to leave them to drift aimlessly, at least guide them to a healthy path , but without a doubt, the only thing that children need is a space where they can just be what they are: children, says psychologist Alexis Shaffer.
“They want to jump about, to run, to shout… in a protected environment of acceptance to be what they truly are today: children. Without our worries and demands placed upon them of what they must be converting into tomorrow.”
Shaffer uses a technique to treat the small anxious ones using a space that she has named “meditation for children”, where, she says, a space is provided allowing them to learn who they really are as they are not subjected to anyone telling them what they ‘should be’ or needing to be accepted by the others, it’s where they learn to be themselves receiving guidance to channel their energy in a very natural way.
Through exercises and using their own creativity, she teaches them that to feel their emotions is not a bad thing, and to express whatever comes naturally without any judgment; offering them a space in which they can simply be children.
Return to being a child and you will be creative. All children are creative. Creativity needs freedom: to be free of the mind, to be free of knowledge, to be free of prejudices. A creative person is one that is open to try new things. Each child is born with all the capacities to be creative. All children, without exception, attempt to be creative but we do not allow them. Immediately we began to teach them the correct way to do things.
At some time between the ages of seven and fourteen years, a great change happens in the child. Psychologists have been investigating this phenomenon. Why does this happen? And what exactly is it that happens?
We have two hemispheres in the brain. The left hemisphere is the one of the noncreative mind. It only can do something once it has learned it: and it can do everything in a very efficient way, perfectly; as it is mechanical. It is the rational, logical, mathematical hemisphere.
The right hemisphere is just the opposite. It is the hemisphere of chaos, not of order; it is the hemisphere of poetry, not of prose; it is the hemisphere of the love, not of logic. It has a great capacity for beauty, it has a great capacity for originality; but it is not efficient, it cannot be efficient.
The right hemisphere is working when the child is born; the left hemisphere is not working yet. Then we began to teach the child, without knowing it, in a very scientific manner. Through the centuries we have learned the trick of how to change the energy from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere, and in that consists all of our learning. From the kindergarten to the university, that is all of our preparation and thus called education. At some time between the ages of seven and fourteen years of age we are successful and the child’s creativity dies.
Then the child stops being wild; he becomes a citizen. Then he learns the path of discipline, of language, of logic, of prose. He begins to compete in the school, becoming selfish, and learning all of the neurotic things that prevail in the society. He becomes more interested in power, and money, and begins to think about how he can be even more educated and become even more powerful. How to have more money, and buy an even larger house, and all of that… keeps going.

(Photo of a little girl)
All children are creative.
Creativity needs freedom,
All children need a space
where they can simply be themselves,
but of course with guidance.


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