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May 28, 2007

Positive Mind
Experience the true desires of  your heart: love,  joy, and peace

Diksha, freedom from suffering

On certain occasions, it seems like our lives are lacking enthusiasm or that something’s missing, as if life is incomplete.

Alexis Shaffer, psychologist, indicates that in many hearts exists, , alienation, and an overall feeling of loneliness even when we are working amongst many people in an office, or in the company of close friends, there can still be present this feeling of emptiness. When we are surrounded by mountains in beautiful surroundings, listening to the chirpy sound of birds, near a crystalline brook, we forget ourselves and can enjoy nature enthusiastically.

But even then, it lasts only several minutes. There, also, loneliness can rear its ugly head again.
There comes a moment when the idea passes through your mind that there is something stopping us from bonding with others, with nature and with the world. We can share some things with others, but there are many things buried deep within that can’t be shared with other people.

The reason. What is the cause of this feeling? Responds Shaffer “The reason we feel that we are an “individual” is because we don’t have an experience of the Divine”. Therefore, if we wish for a change in our feelings, perceptions, intentions, motives and opinions we should first realize that it isn’t possible to do so through human effort. If a true transformation is going to happen, we need to have a divine experience. The main reason behind our suffering is the lack of this divine experience.

The mind constantly plans or broods over something or other, or repeatedly thinks of events that will possibly happen in the future, or events that already happened in the past. However, all the experiences and feelings that we go through could happen differently from what we planned. Feelings come up spontaneously. In other words, we don’t plan and resolve “I’m going to be happy today”, or “I’m going to be angry”, or “I’m going to feel upset!” These feelings surface naturally and automatically and depend on each situation.

Freedom Option

 Everything in the universe is energy, water, earth, plants, animals, humans, air, sun, moon, planets and stars. We all are energy and share the energy each moment with everyone and everything around us.

Alexis, living in Barcelona and presently here working in this city has the capacity to transmit energy called “Oneness Blessing” or more easily named ‘Diksha’.

Diksha is a Transfer of Energy that takes only one minute with placing the Diksha Giver’s hands on the head of the person receiving, and then afterward, for maximum benefit, advising the person to lie down for about 20 minutes to enjoy and experience the “State” transferred.

Diksha is a current of energy that directly benefits the brain, spine and the glandular system, also known as chakras--- to eliminate blockages from the chakras and energy bodies to facilitate the effect of the Dikshas which helps us to disidentify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness

Seeing the reality of what you are in every moment can be the beginning of the process; to heal your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment….Freedom and liberation from suffering is very important in the life of a human being.

There are people who even when
surrounded by family are affected
by the feeling of loneliness.

Photo of Alexis with Children
Caption reads: "Alexis Shaffer, Psychologist
Uses energy and special techniques in her  groups  with the purpose of clearing the chakra system.



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