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Sharing the Grace in one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico; Oaxaca was truly an unforgettable experience


Alexis had the pleasure of spending quality time on two different occasions attending to the hard working uniformed men and women in Oaxaca. Due to the escalating problems with the Oaxacan teachers fighting against the government, this once beautiful city has been transformed into a problematic zone for Mexico. Tourists have been avoiding it for this reason and have missed one of the richest cultural experiences that Mexico has to offer. At times the problems have created such violence; resulting in the burning of world heritage buildings as well as terrorizing innocent Oaxacan government employees as they were forcibly removed by angry crowds and paraded in the streets. When these demonstrations are not happening Oaxaca City is one of the most beautiful cities and guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience on your Mexican itinerary. Oaxaca also has a gorgeous coast with Huatulco being a popular and well known tourist destination. Puerto Escondido is still a jewel waiting to be discovered as its beaches are still wild and pristine. The surfers of the world are familiar with this beach town but since it is relatively hard to reach due to difficult and windy roads, many tourists choose Acapulco or Cancun instead. A new highway will soon change its fate. She really enjoyed the opportunity to share the Grace with thousands of genuinely open hearted Oaxacan citizens as you will clearly see from the photos. Alexis cannot express enough gratitude to the people responsible in each corporation for their care and loving attention to each detail in making each event a successful transforming experience for each participant. She was fortunate to have the support to access even the far reaching corners of the state; getting to know the native villagers in the mountains. Each Oaxacan holds a very special place in her heart and she is praying that the problems in their state will soon become a thing of the past and lasting peace will soon come to all involved.

Oaxaca State Police Experiences May 30, 2008



Thank you as I enjoyed very much this relaxation experience and I think is going to be very useful to many of us. Thank you very much.



Thank you and congratulations!!! It was a fabulously relaxing experience.



Hello Alexis to be honest the experience was very pleasant and it made me feel very good.



It was lovely and I hope you definitely offer more courses for us. I saw green, red and a very intense white light.



Official Paulino Morales Sanchez:

I liked it very much as I hadn´t yet experienced anything metaphysical and now I find a deep peace and tranquility inside of myself and thinking positive always.



C. Fireman "A" Eleazar Joaquín Luciano

The therapy taught by Miss Alexis on May 30th 2008 gave me an experience which made me feel extremely well. I wish to also thank the Chief Sr. Secretary for providing this pleasurable course for us.



Antonio Toribio Argeo:

I liked the exercises and I feel very happy and relaxed. I saw blue, red and pink colors.



Fireman Aragón Rojas

Thank you for your pleasant display of kindness, I achieved deep relaxation. I loved Jehovah and my Christ. Thank you so much for your attention


Tomas Gonzalez Guerrero

I really enjoyed your harmony and happiness course. I felt very joyful and I deeply relaxed fpr a long period afterwards, and in that moment when I received your workshop I was experiencing an intense family crisis and I now know how to deal with it. I hope that you will always visit Military Police Corporations as it is very beneficial to us. May God always bless you.



Fireman Sebastian Luis G.C:

Thanks for this experience that helps you to feel well, energized and more peaceful inside, and helped me to relax my back pain. Thank you so much as I really feel a change in myself.



Police Officer "A"  Silverio Hernandez Matias

Thank you for your therapy as I felt extremely good during the 2 hours that you taught us about chakras.



Thank you for your harmony lesson.



Firemen 3ºF.R.T

I liked very much everything that you explained to us.



Benito Perez Pina

The exercises do help you to experience peace and tranquility



Fireman Julio Fermín Feria

Thanks to the person responsible for organizing this event. I do feel a change inside of myself and find it very useful in our relationships.



Pedro Luis Ramirez

Alexis it was an unforgettable and very relaxing experience, as you find yourself connecting deeply with your inner self as you actually experience real peace, harmony and tranquility!



It was very good to de stress the troops.



At the beginning I felt very heavy because of the stress of always being cooped up inside of the base, after the course I now feel extremely light.



I had an experience with the divine during your course: "course of harmony, peace and tranquility".



It was wonderful as it served me well to calm my chakra energy centers. I hope that she will repeat it again soon and doesn’t ever stop offering us these courses.



The experience was really beautiful, I feel more peaceful now and your attention is very sweet Alexis as you share so much light and tranquility.



Thank you for an experience that revitalizes you makes you peaceful and motivates you to keep developing as a person; all at the same time.



In reality it was a really unique experience out of the normal routine. I would like to personally thank you for this wonderful course and I’m hoping that it won’t be the only one as I feel that this particular Corporation really needs it. Thank you.



Angel Julian Hernandez M.

For me it was a really wonderful experience, thanks to those who made this program possible.



My experience was really surprising. I felt a very surprising experience



The truth is that I feel very good thank you Divine. Keep going strong and I hope that everyone’s eyes will open soon! Thank you. Jesus loves you.



Isaias Guzman Velasco

I especially liked all of the information, and during the exercise my head hurt a little.


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