June 6, 2008
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Friday, June 6, 2008

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper


Positive Mind

What is YOUR personal idea of transformation?


THAT will end up being your biggest obstacle. Your very idea; your own concept.


I visited a couple at their home during a weekend course.  They were a very nice couple. 

They shared with me that they had decided that they would never hurt each other again. 

They felt like they had a breakthrough in their relationship.


And so I returned some months later to their home and observed this couple; always behaving so nice and kind to each other.  I also noticed that the house was void of energy.


There was no anger, no quarrels and no fights; only kind words - that was love to them.

But that is not what relationship is all about. 

A good relationship is not where you don’t quarrel at all.  It’s not ‘floating in love’. Transformation is when you can be yourself, totally.  If you fight, you do so openly expressing your feelings. And then the following day you relate again without reaction and carrying over hurt from that quarrel.  You relate to the partner and the children without charges. THAT is a healthy relationship. 


It is NOT monitoring and controlling your emotions.

As in: This morning I had an angry moment.  Two days ago I didn’t feel love for my husband.  Today I don’t feel love for my children. 

Analyzing yourself; that ‘I’m not transformed’, or ‘my heart is not open’ and ‘I’m not in the same state as the saints and sages are experiencing’.

These are all ideas! The mind is always comparing ‘ourselves’ to ‘them’ as in Buddha.  We remain stuck always looking for ‘the end’ and craving for that state of everlasting love, everlasting joy, peace and oneness.

Obsession drains energy, causing discomfort and pain, and then you unconsciously cause the same for others.

It is only a concept that we are yearning for: to be in that state ALWAYS.

It is impossible!

We can be in an altered state for some time: hours, days or weeks.

Then the intensity varies and changes. 

We cannot be there always or we would physically die.


How do you best measure growth? 


The wise perceive it in many ways. 

There is no ultimate way to define if something is true, absolutely true, or not true.


On the last day of one particular Level 1 Course

 We asked the group, “Is anyone here not feeling good?” 

One man responded, “I don’t feel good.” 

“Please explain the reason to us.” we asked.

 The man answered, “My toilet is flooded, I am frustrated, and I cannot experience my frustration! I cannot enjoy my frustration!”


So, how many of you actually ENJOY your frustration? 

When I’m angry I don’t enjoy, I am angry!

Can you see your silly ideas of transformation?  You must enjoy your frustration?  Craziness! 


What is YOUR measurement of transformation?


The amount of Oneness that you are feeling? 

How many hours in a day that you are feeling thoughtless? 

How loving that you are feeling?


It is really about how comfortable you are with yourself, with your thoughts, with your emotions and life itself.

If you are not comfortable and at ease with yourself; you will certainly not be comfortable with others. 

If you are not at ease with yourself, you cannot be at ease with others and with the world around you.

You will have your moments of indifferences, anger, frustration and disappointment.  And how comfortable are you with all of those moments?  Can you accept them?  Embrace whatever is there?  Can you become friends with it? Or are you fighting it? 


So how does growth happen?   


You must first have a passion for it. Passion means having a vision. 

It is true that this feeling /that passion can come as an act of Grace but you can also be the catalyst to take a step in that direction.


If you really want to grow; you must serve, you must give, in contribution.


All of us have the opportunity to serve.  We all have a gift unique to each one of us. 

Some are artists, musicians, doctors or teachers. 

Some people are waiting patiently and explaining that they are waiting for their heart to guide them.

It is good to take a step.  Embrace something.  Don’t always wait. 

Take a jump – Take Action - Expression with Intent and you will see:  God will respond


We need to take the first step

Don’t wait for it to happen.


When you stop growing, complaining happens – everything becomes wrong and bad.

All that you love: you begin to complain about it


And when you are growing, you want to contribute; actually looking and searching for what YOU can do. 

And you are also happy with what you have; you feel gratefulness for what is there.


So what is growth?

It is something that translates in your relationships

It is becoming free of the charges that you carry. 

This is why it is so important to set right your relationships. 

Then your journey will continue.







Sgt.2/o. Inf. Anatolio Martínez González.

A very good morning to you as I wish to share what happened during Miss Alexis’s session. I felt such a depth of peace in my body that all of my annoyances and pains completely disappeared. I slept so deeply relaxed that I woke up with a new inspiration to do my work. The music and her words were like a stimulant for my body. That is everything that I can say, thank you.



I saw a green light during the meditation and ever since then I have felt much more relaxed. I was suffering from a pain in my waist and now it is completely gone.



Please feel free to write me.  Webpage: www.livinginoneness.com

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