June 13, 2008
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Friday, June 13, 2008

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper


Positive Mind


Growth, Application and Contribution


It helps to focus on:


                   -Application (meditation for example)


                    1, 2, 3

Intent + Effort + Divine Grace

Through giving, you will receive even more in return.


After doing the 2nd level process in GC India, John only feels like lying on the couch, he is in a no action phase. Why is that?


There are phases that ‘not doing anything’ can actually help you to move forward. 

Those are times that rest is needed and doing something can be a hindrance. 


 On this journey, there are times, moments when you may lose all drive. 

There are times when you may become very dispassionate, indifferent and it may be difficult to relate to anybody.  But these are short phases.  These are transitions, as a shift is happening. 

There is no need to analyze, just let it be.  Rest might be needed; not only for the physical body, but also for the emotional body and the spiritual body may need rest too.


If you are feeling really stuck, then it may help to dance and move your energy.

To practice Sadhanas is not an absolute must.  Only do them if you really enjoy them.

If you don’t enjoy them, it can be counter-productive. 

You can practice focusing and or reflection. 

Golden City has provided and designed some special sadhanas that can be helpful for your growth. 

Or if there is a practice that you are presently doing and enjoying, do that.




Human life is our lives.  We go through several phases throughout many lifetimes which is actually a huge process of growth and learning.  We experience many different phases: a phase when we are self-centered, a phase where we become responsible, a phase when we are generous, another when we are full of virtue, and then another phase when we have transcended all of this.


One year in particular, when we were studying at Jeevashram School which included students from the 3rd -10th grade, along with the founders, Amma & Bhagavan, we had quite a learning experience.


Have you ever observed in little children; how they tend to really exaggerate?  Sometimes they even overdo it and tell complete lies.  An example being: how one night a star fell down from the sky and a child says that he caught it and has managed to even keep it in his house.    One child with very wealthy parents even boasted that a special master came to him personally.  Everyone in the school soon became very frustrated with him.  He would tell stories that he could fly, and how he flew to the sun, and he even touched the sun. This kid claimed that he had pictures of that journey in his house. 

Other children were so upset that they finally went to Bhagavan to ask what they could possibly do with this child who is always lying.

Bhagavan responded with, “So he lies, so what?” 

We learned something; yeah, so what??.


We had a system in the school where all would come together in a designated area in a circle with Sri Bhagavan present and we would all resolve the issue together.  Everyone would have to think and contribute to resolving the problem.  So one day we gathered about this little boy who was always lying as he had many complaints from all the children. 

So Bhagavan asked all of us about how many of us had exaggerated, or boasted in our lives when we were little?  Bhagavan explained how the entire evolution of life is recaptured in the duration of a human lifetime.  These millions of years are compressed into one 70 – 80 year life span.  From when you begin crawling, and playing in the sand, and throwing things at others, going around with a big stick like the cavemen did, or suddenly feeling violent for no reason.  Or even acting out against your siblings chasing them or fighting with them, or beating-up someone; a stranger on the street.


We think something is wrong with us. 


Then he explained that there is another phase when the heart is flowering along with the brain; a dreaming and fantasizing phase.


Bhagavan says there is nothing wrong with exaggerating and lying explaining that if a child is not doing it, we can actually be concerned. 

And more importantly if you stop him from doing this you will interrupt his process, and then they won’t go through it later.  You actually may interfere in his process. 


With our new awareness; this child’s behavior stopped disturbing us as we instead began to look forward to hearing his tales and we began going to him for the entertainment value. We loved it! 

He told such creative and amazing stories.





Young adults


All we care about is ourselves.  Everything revolves around our-selves. 

It is natural as we are all designed like that.


1.   Yourself

2.   Yourself - Immediate Environment

  1. An inclination to serve a cause much bigger than your family. 

  2. End of all separation


There is nothing unnatural about any of it.  There is nothing wrong in it.

 If you live through these phases without being condemned by others or you yourself do not judge yourself creating feelings of guilt, or being ‘bad’, you will then easily flower into the next phase.



But we tend to be really judgmental about ourselves and we analyze ourselves getting stuck there and we don’t move on to the next phase.  If we do survive it, we flower into the next phase which is about:

  1. No longer just your-self.  It is you and your immediate environment.  Your boundaries expand.  The self is no longer limited to yourself as it expands to involve your immediate environment: friends and family.  During this phase you become responsible.  You no longer think about yourself.  It is YOU plus your immediate environment: family, spouse, work, colleagues.  You want to share your happiness, pain, beliefs and views with others.  It is no longer limited to your-self anymore. 

  2. Once you live through this phase you are fulfilled in this relationship.  When in these relationships you are able to be yourself with no hurt no pain.  You have connection with everyone around and your relationships are set right, you flower into next phase.  Boundaries expand even further. Your-self still expands.


You are inclined to serve a cause much bigger than you and your family.  Living for yourself or living for your family doesn’t have a meaning.  There is a cause much bigger than that and you begin to serve that bigger cause.  It can be a new company that you give employment to many.  It can actually be anything that benefits a larger group of people.


  1. End of all separation:  No more of YOU serving the other.  You actually become the other.  Oneness.  This happens naturally. 


If we can become aware of where we are in which phase of evolution that we are in: 1, 2, 3. Even just becoming aware of where you are would help you to move forward. 

You can be in 2 with glimpses of 3 or in 3 with a glimpse of 4.  Sometimes you can get obsessed with these glimpses of 4 and you don’t grow any further.


This is why it is so important to set right your relationships. Then your journey will continue.



When you feel this level of peace inside of yourself it makes you reflect on the good things in your life and the bad ones. And when she touched my head I felt a chill run thru my entire body all the way down to my toes, and she was vibrating. Thank you so much.




The only thing that I can say about my experience is that I saw an abundance of green and purple images. Then I felt extremely relaxed. That is all.

Please feel free to write me.  Webpage: www.livinginoneness.com

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