June 20, 2008
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Friday, June 20, 2008

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper


Positive Mind





A Sense of Detachment

and Generosity



A sense of detachment along with humility is an important virtue that is to be developed on a spiritual path to progress rapidly. 


Eastern Mystics illustrate this by a story:  Two monks went to a bank of a small river and were about to cross it.  A beautiful young lady came to them and said, "I want to cross the river, but I am wearing a costly dress which I would not like to get wet. Could you please help me?"  One of the monks began to think of her beauty and how he should not touch her lest he be subjected to lust and temptation in his mind, and told her, "We are monks, and want to stay away from women!"  The other monk calmly picked the young lady in his arms and carried her across and deposited her safely on the other bank.  After walking for a couple of miles, the first monk was still thinking of how much this other monk must have been tempted, and asked him.   The second monk turned to him and said, "Brother Monk! I have left that young lady on the banks of the river!  However, you still seem to be carrying her with you!"


People without detachment while performing seva (service) would carry issues further into their life than is necessary!        


* * * * * *


There is another story about Lord Sri Krishna teaching Arjuna a lesson in humility on way to selflessness.  Arjuna, who was a great archer always had great pride in his archery and viewed Karna as a competitor.  Karna was famous for his selflessness and Krishna loved him.  Arjuna was always jealous of that affection Krishna showed Karna. 

Lord Sri Krishna knew this, and decided to teach him a lesson. Lord Sri Krishna with his divine power created a mountain of gold and took Arjuna to it, and gave him from sun rise till sunset to give as much of the gold away to others as he could.  Arjuna sent his soldiers and town criers to announce in the neighboring villages for people to come with digging equipment and carts to carry the gold.  The villagers came and Arjuna supervised the digging up of the gold and gave it to all those who came to him.  By the evening, the mountain of gold was only a third of the way depleted, and the exhausted Arjuna was puffed up with pride as he was praised by Sri Krishna on a good job.  Krishna asked Arjuna to come the next morning again to the same spot, but also sent word to Karna.  Krishna used his divine power to make the mountain of gold whole again, and asked Karna the next day morning at sunrise, giving him till sundown that evening to give away as much as he could to others.  Karna just walked a few feet, and hailed a few Brahmins bathing in the river nearby.  When they came, he showed them the mountain, and said "This is yours!" and walked away, his task completed.  

Arjuna watched this and was in tears understanding the detachment of the one involved in selfless service, and fell at the feet of the Lord seeking His Grace to be rid of the selfishness and small mindedness he had that made him work so hard, only to achieve so little!  





El hombre nace con grandes tesoros, pero también nace con todo el legado animal. Y de alguna manera tenemos que vaciar el legado animal y crear espacio para que el tesoro llegue a la conciencia, y sea compartida - porque ésta es una de las cualidades del tesoro: mientras más lo compartes, más tienes.



Tú naces sólo como una semilla. Tienes que crecer hasta el punto en que florezcas, y ese florecimiento será tu contento, satisfacción. Este florecimiento no tiene nada que ver con el poder, nada que ver con el dinero, nada que ver con política. Tiene que ver absolutamente contigo; es un progreso individual. OSHO


Alexis is a transmitter of energy called Oneness Blessing which initiates a process of awakening the Divine Presence within you; taking you towards Oneness, and enabling you to see the reality of what you are in every moment. Also healing your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment…. Conscious awakening is the ability to see reality as it is, without the layers of interference and interpretation imposed by the mind. Oneness Blessing is a transfer of Divine energy which helps us to disidentify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness.

This energy called Oneness Blessing is universal & useful in all spiritual traditions. It enhances our ability to connect from the Heart with the Divine & with all of the people that we love. Many report that after receiving Oneness Blessing they experience healing on all levels, as well as powerful and ongoing spiritual awakening. Most people are seeking harmony and joy. We have discovered that it is possible for everybody to live in that state of inner freedom, even permanently.





It is a very different experience in which I experienced inner peace that I had never felt before, in which I actually experienced –I think it was the energy, as I felt so much heat during one moment that I began to sweat and I also saw many colored red, white and yellow lights.


Honestly, I will tell you that I felt extremely relaxed at that moment, my body relaxed little by little into the rhythm of the music. I hope that I can continue practicing this as it was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for what you taught us with your abundant knowledge. Thank you again and Good Luck.



My experience is the following: I learned how to maintain the balance between the powers of spirit, body and mind so that I no longer lose my vital energy to tiredness. I learned how to feel better, and become free from the pain in my knees and back, not allowing them to defeat me. Sld. Inf. Miguel San Juan Aparicio




Please feel free to write me.  Webpage: www.livinginoneness.com

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