April 4, 2008
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Friday, April 4, 2008

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper


Positive Mind


Family- Global- National- Karma Part II



Whether it is happiness or misery that you cause to others, it will come back to you.


The earth too has its own consciousness

As our consciousness changes the earth will also respond differently

As it responds at times with calamities, natural disasters and rare diseases

As we become more caring people the consciousness of the earth will also change.

And even those calamities that we believe will actually happen in the future; can also be avoided.

Karma literally means action, whether good or bad, right or wrong. When it comes to spirituality we define it as the fruit of our actions. What is karma and why are there laws of karma? Is it a mechanical process to enforce order in the world? What is the order that it seeks to establish?

The intrinsic nature of all living phenomena is to give, to offer, to sacrifice itself for another cause. This is what we observe in nature.
The nature of the universe is compassion. This natural compassion, maintains harmony in the universe. Compassion is the order of this universe. When any living being or living species have deviated from this order, the law is enforced to reestablish this order. "*/Karma is a conspiracy to awaken ones heart/*".

Karma is a living law and therefore its nature ought to be compassion.
It is not a punisher but a teacher. It teaches through life experiences, although one needs to be perceptive to learn. It teaches a person to love, to be compassionate and vulnerable. When we have learned the lessons that karma intends to teach us; when our lives have fallen into this universal order of compassion, there is no need for the conspiracy anymore.

Each time you think (perceive), speak and act, you are setting into motion the laws of karma. You are planting a seed. The kind of seed you have sown is the nature of the thought, word and action that you have set in motion; fear, hate, judgment, love, blessing, anger, joy etc. And every time you think and act similarly you are nourishing this seed. The seed eventually grows to be a huge tree, bearing tons of fruits. This is your reward or punishment, however one likes to perceive it. You are hated, judged, loved, and blessed many times over depending on what the seed contained when it was first sown.                           "*/You reap, what you sow many times over/*".

We are the architects of our life. Unfortunately we are not perceptive enough to see the relationship between the thought and the deed, perhaps the time lapse between the two is sometimes too much for us to keep track of. From thought to deed, it may take a week, a month, a year, a decade or more. Constant review of our life will help us to see the connection. The speed of reciprocation depends upon the evolution of the individual. Sometime reaching the threshold could mean a life time or more. If we do not get answers to our questions even after examining our lives in the light of the cosmic principles, only the "*/Theory of Reincarnation/*" can explain the rest.

The whole process of thought materializing into deed is a karmic cycle. Our life is a flow of karma.
An awareness of these eternal laws gives us the power to alter the course of karma, but not in the midst of the karmic cycle. We have the power of wisdom and the choice of free will to review and make changes in our life but not before the cycle comes to an end. A frog in midair cannot alter the course of its flight. Yet, on landing it can choose the direction of its next leap.

However we have already seen that karma is not a judge but rather a teacher. Therefore even in the midst of a cycle if one can learn their lessons then the karmic cycle is altered. The lesson is learned through an intense awareness of one’s thought patterns, which are creating such life situations. As one becomes aware, there is a sense of acute helplessness. In this state of helplessness, there is divine intervention and Grace alters the karmic cycle. This kind of liberation is possible only through */Divine Grace/* and not through any kind of human effort. */The other alternative to liberation is through creating Sat Karma, which we will be explaining now./*

"*/Life is a process of learning and karma is the greatest teacher/*".
But then a question arises "Why is learning such a painful process?"

The self, which has acquired such prominence in today's world and all the self centered activity born from it, goes against the order of compassion. Man has lost the faculty of feeling and this is a potential danger to the harmony of the world. Loss of feeling also means loss of responsibility. So nature is conspiring to break the self in order to create a compassionate world. The word "compassion" originates from the word passion and passion means "pain". Compassion means 'that which has risen from pain'.   We cause pain to others because we are unable to perceive this pain, and in this lack of ‘seeing’ what we are causing to others, sometimes creates feelings of guilt later on. Feeling guilty does not make us responsible, it only causes more pain. A suffering man only causes suffering to others. When one is subjected to the same pain that he/she has caused others, there is every chance that one will not repeat the same mistake. You now know how it feels to have caused pain. You are going to think twice, you will empathize with others. You naturally become more compassionate and responsible. These are the ways of karma, "by causing pain, it removes pain".


Let us now see why, there is so much emphasis on creating Sat Karma.

Now how does one create Sat Karma?

There are 3 types of Karma - Physical, Psychological and Spiritual

And hence three ways of creating Sat Karma

Physical Sat Karma: Physical Sat Karma is the Sat Karma that one earns through right words and actions. Many times consciously or unconsciously we tend to use words that hurt or cause pain to others. Right words are words that do not cause pain to others. Sometimes there may be a good intention but the words might be harsh. A good intention must be matched by the right words. Words must be sweet and must soothe the soul and create joy. Even a kind word at the right time can be of immense help to a depressed person. Right actions are basically actions that are sacred and do not hurt others.

Psychological Sat Karma: Psychological Sat Karma is the Sat Karma that one earns by right thought and emotions. Many times one tends to feel that I am not doing any harm to anybody, but within my mind I have the freedom to think as I want. The realm of thought is very powerful.
Hence having right thought is very important. Here the question arises as many times one doesn't want to think negatively but is plagued by negative thoughts and emotions. What must one do then? Be intensely aware of the thoughts and emotions that are present, without attempting to pull or push the thoughts away. This dedication of observing in itself will help in creating Sat Karma.

Spiritual Sat Karma: Spiritual Sat Karma is the Sat Karma created by helping yourself and others grow spiritually. Practicing spiritual techniques, praying for yourself and others, teaching others the path of spirituality and helping them to grow spiritually, chanting the Moola mantra, all these are ways and means to earn spiritual Sat Karma.

Our spiritual Sat Karma helps us to progress on the spiritual plane, opens the doors or Grace for us, and ultimately also leads us to enlightenment.

Thus one must consciously strive to create Sat Karma.

The *Moola Mantra* can help and is Universal as it doesn’t belong to any religion and can be heard with music when opening the website: www.livinginoneness.com

And the complete definition of each word of the mantra is also explained in detail on the home page.



The beauty of this process

Diksha=Oneness Blessing is a transfer of Divine energy which helps us to disidentify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness


Diksha energy is universal & useful in all spiritual traditions.

It enhances our ability to connect from the Heart with the Divine & with all of the people that we love.

Many report that after receiving Diksha = Oneness Blessing they experience healing on all levels, as well as powerful and ongoing spiritual awakening. Most people are seeking harmony and joy. We have discovered that it is possible for everybody to live in that state of inner freedom, even permanently.


Oneness Blessing initiates a process of awakening the Divine Presence within you; taking you towards Oneness, and enabling you to see the reality of what you are in every moment. Also healing your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment….



Conscious awakening is the ability to see reality as it is, without the layers of interference and interpretation imposed by the mind. It is a simple neurobiological event, and can happen instantaneously.




These are experiences from members of a Justice Dept. who have received Diksha = Oneness Blessing:


Hello I’m Ana Sofia and I am pregnant in my 7.5 month of pregnancy and I felt that I was actually able to communicate with the energy of my baby! Thank you for this gift and for being a channel for the Divine and sharing yourself with all of the people. Through the Divine I now know that he will enter the world very well and naturally.


I saw everything in the color blue which then turned into green. A young woman appeared and told me that she had been very happy. She was young but grew older as she came into view.  She said that she was on the right path and hadn’t reached the end as it ended suddenly. It was if she was floating without any fear. Then people arrived who were to take me to the other side. Telling me to continue on the path where I will find a huge heavy boulder but to just jump over it. I know these people that I saw were friends of mine who had died as well as my grandparents.


Please feel free to write me at my e-mail address with questions or comments. 

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