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November 2, 2007

QueQui QuintanaRoo Newspaper

Positive Mind

Suffering and Seeing
Misery of Self, Inside & Outside

Whenever you say I am suffering, it means that you are running away from suffering.
Because if you could turn around and confront the suffering, soak in it, embrace it, fall in love with it, be with it, accept it, do all these things.
Then see for yourself what happens!

The best thing is to embrace it and the strangest part is you will find sooner or later you will develop this art and every time suffering comes, you would embrace it and it becomes joy.

The first thing is seeing.
When it comes to inner problems or inner growth or spiritual progress, you have to learn the art of seeing.
What is there is not important for us, but you must ‘see' what is there.

The key thing here is you have to get into a state where seeing is occurring all the time.
When seeing happens, all suffering ceases because to see is to be free.
There is no effort involved, there is no time involved.

Confronting your self-centeredness, though the word is misleading, it simply means that you just become aware that this is what you really are and you never thought that you are that.
It is so and it is there, that is all.
The mere seeing is sufficient.

Misery of Self

What is there to your life?
As far as I am concerned you are merely existing, you are not living.
You exist because you are afraid to die.
What is there to your life, other than the terrible struggles?
Because you are there, in your being there is unhappiness.
Not that you are unhappy. No. You = unhappiness. That is your condition.
So, what is enlightenment?
It is wiping out the ‘you'. We give Oneness Diksha and wipe the you out.
If you are gone, you will still be very functional.
The memory is there, you can do everything you are doing, only much better.
Since you are not there, what is there is joy, is happiness, is love.

We want people to be happy

What should we do?
We should erase you.
Once ‘you' are gone, it does not matter who you are, what you are, what is there is only joy and happiness.

Please get the whole thing straight. We are not asking you to be free of the self.
We are only asking you to be conscious of the self.

Helping you to be free of the self is God’s business.

You couldn't do that.

What God is trying to give you is the Oneness state.
In that state, there is no sense of separateness, there is only connectedness.
The whole problem with mankind is, people do not feel connected.
Basically there is no transformation in man, there is tremendous misery and all this is out of a sense of separateness.
You are destroying yourself because you are not able to handle this misery in you.
So, this is the condition.
You have to lose the sense of separation and you have to feel connected.
First you start with your own family, then the world, the you, extend it to the animals, the plants and then finally to God.
That is why we use the word oneness.
When we speak of oneness with God, we mean actually becoming one with God.

Inner World and Outer World

What is applied to the inner world should not be applied to the external world.
In the inner world you do nothing. In the external world you must do everything.
In the inner world, you stay where you are. If there is jealousy, you stay there.
That is all.

That is the only truth.

But in the external world you want to buy a house, you want to earn some money, you want to get this, you want to get that.
The best thing is to ask for it, that is all.

The moment there is inner integrity, your link with the Lord is firmly established.
It is very easy for the grace to flow.

When there is no inner integrity, the contact is not clear.

In fact, you could yourself do miracles if there is inner integrity.

Your greatest joy would be to discover your place in His scheme of things and work to fulfill your destiny.

The beauty of this process
Diksha=Oneness Blessing is a transfer of Divine energy which helps us to dis - identify from conflict and suffering, taking us to states of inner peace, joy, happiness and Oneness

Diksha energy is universal & useful in all spiritual traditions.
It enhances our ability to connect from the Heart with the Divine & with all of the people that we love.
Many report that after receiving Diksha = Oneness Blessing they experience healing on all levels, as well as powerful and ongoing spiritual awakening. Most people are seeking harmony and joy. We have discovered that it is possible for everybody to live in that state of inner freedom, even permanently.

Oneness Blessing initiates a process of awakening the Divine Presence within you; taking you towards Oneness, and enabling you to see the reality of what you are in every moment. Also healing your body, your relationships, and recognizing the divinity in the experience of the present moment….

Conscious awakening is the ability to see reality as it is, without the layers of interference and interpretation imposed by the mind. It is a simple neurobiological event, and can happen instantaneously.

Conscious awakening is peeling off the layers of interpretation from any given event. To the enlightened person, life becomes very ordinary. You walk, and you are walking. You eat, and you are eating. Enlightenment is not about having extraordinary experiences so much as recognizing that each ordinary moment is extraordinary in itself.

Before, there were a thousand interpretations in the mind for everything you experienced. Now, there is only the experience.

In this Divine state you consciously experience your divine self and become one with God. This can be experienced as a great explosion of love or joy, which is much more profound than any worldly pleasure.
When someone reaches this state of being, this connection with God, the Divine, the Absolute, they will surely have achieved the ultimate that being on this earth can offer.

You, your freedom and your liberation is what is most important to me.

These are some experiences from the Military who have received Oneness Blessing/Diksha:

  • Hello my name is Martin Reyes; I wish to thank you for your conference that you provided for us hoping that you continue to do the same for others with the same joy and peace that you made us feel from listening to your words and doing the exercise.
    I now feel so good physically and mentally. This is only my first session with you and I sure hope not the last as not only me but also my comrades really enjoyed and benefited greatly from this time. I wish to thank you with all of my heart hoping that you will continue sharing this peace in all the places that you go.
  • Hello my name is Adrian, I want to thank you for your session that you were so kind to share with us as you made me feel so much inner peace and tranquility inside. I now also feel so good physically. I hope that you continue to do this same wonderful work spreading peace & tranquility for all the people that it is possible to be with you.
    Thank you again.
  • Dear sweet Alexis: I experienced such beautiful and precious moments that I felt as if my life were lifted up. Your words were so special that I hope that wherever you express them that they are really respected and appreciated. I don’t know how to thank you enough as I feel such a change in my life now that I have not felt before. When you touched me I felt as if so much negativity actually left from deep inside of my body. Thank you for making people feel so much joy and so much love towards themselves, and wherever you may go and with every step may God be by your side. As what I saw in my vision was a huge red cape around you. Again I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your tender words that you shared with us.


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