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Resisting Change

Resisting Change to avoid being “disturbed” from what we perceive as our ‘Comfortable Lives’.

Even when life is not exactly as we want it to be; we tend to choose suffering some level of discomfort over risking a ‘change’ for something different!

This is mostly due to the mind’s negativity and fear that the impending ‘change’ could end up being worse than our present suffering.

The mind rarely considers a positive outcome. 

Oh how we don’t want ANYTHING to come and disturb us!!

We are so unconsciously and habitually comfortable with the ‘familiar’ in our lives; even though we are NOT as happy as we wish to be, because we feel that it is better to stay with the “known” rather than have to change that for something “unknown”!  

We can see this habit clearly when we look back at all of the amazing new discoveries that have come about in the world; as we as a collective humanity have NEVER accepted any of them with open arms. WE have perceived them as an imposition on our ‘familiar’ reality no matter how innovative. Our first reaction is ‘no’! Why is that? The mind tells us that we have to live in this ‘closed state’ otherwise we can be hurt. It warns us to ‘protect’ ourselves. 

We complain about the present state of affairs in the world but yet when change is imposed on us we are even MORE disturbed. The “MIND” is such an interesting thing to observe as many times it prefers a familiar habit, habitat and even abusive situations which are so unconsciously comforting in some strange way rather then have to subject ourselves to an unfamiliar ‘new’ change that we fear will clearly disturb that comfort zone. The truth is that the mind is really addicted to suffering and it thrives on negativity. 

We must become conscious of how the Divine is always working in our favor. It works so hard to create the necessary situations to move the energy around each one of us; orchestrating ALL so perfectly so that we will actually end up where we truly need to be in each moment.  

Ever notice how amazingly well it organizes every step for us so that we end up exactly where we need to be for our next move in this chess game of life?  

In case you haven’t noticed, please take this opportunity right now to look back on your life for a moment ; noticing how each ‘change’ was clearly another step UP the ladder of growth for you. 

 Especially bringing awareness to your most difficult situations and experiences, noticing that your perception at the time may have caused a strong resistance and a lack of acceptance of reality which may have caused you suffering mostly due to attachments.  

Bringing your awareness to the fact that those life changes and situations actually helped guide you to becoming the person that you are today. Some of us feel as though we barely survived many difficulties in our life, not realizing that we are now much more confident and self trusting because of them. 

The fact that the Divine is actually orchestrating each one of our lives is a miraculous process.

We can describe it as a chess board of sort in the Higher Dimension which is being 'played out' in this physical dimension so unwillingly at times by us human chess pieces. 

For those of us who are already aware of this, we know that this is NOT an easy task for the Divine.

It takes such special care of each one of us, like a loving parent leading us by the hand and guiding us in our every step as it divinely knows what is best for us. 

 But, what do we do in response?? 

We freak out! We panic and resist the ‘change’ in every situation; getting all identified with 'the mind' and its fears of not wanting anything to upset and disturb us from the "familiar".

Oh my, how cruel ‘change’ can be, we think! 

Change is NOT cruel at all! It is actually the biggest gift of transformation for our lives.

Our very resistance is our ONLY suffering and THAT is actually the only cruel part.

So WE are responsible for our suffering as we do that to ourselves; all on our own. 

Ever notice how change is the ONLY consistent process in life. 

And what do we have to show for it? What is this Divine Golden Oscar that we receive in the end for following the Divine’s script so well?? Growth. And who is the one who benefits when it is all said and done? WE do; even though at times we can be the most unwilling and uncooperative human beings as we tend to get 'stuck' in identifying with the mind and 'miss' the gifts that are so generously provided in every moment.  

Not only are we not capable of seeing these generous gifts, but we also forget to express our gratitude to the Divine for all of its hard work and gracious organization of everything. 

Which reminds me of a time in my life….. 

 I was extremely comfortable living in the most gorgeous penthouse imaginable in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with all of the doors and windows facing the ocean. The flat was on a high floor of a cliff side built building with huge glass doors to the terrace (just off the bedroom and living room) that were never closed during all those years. There was a Jacuzzi on the terrace next to the hammock which were the only things between me and the crashing waves. Each night sleeping to those waves.... that were crashing against the rocks on the beach below... Mmmmm 

Heaven, pure heaven 

After enjoying ample time and sufficient rest for some years in that sacred space,

I remember speaking with the Divine one day; explaining that if in fact it wished for me to ever MOVE from THAT place, IT would have to MOVE ME as I wasn't EVER going to choose to change that paradise for anything else. What could possibly be better or more comfortable than that?

So I consciously handed THAT responsibility over to the Divine knowing that it most likely had other plans for me other then letting me rot in spoiled luxury in that penthouse flat 

And would you like to know what happened next?? 

Not even one month later I received a phone call from my landlord whom I rarely ever spoke to as he lived in the United States and I paid my monthly rent by mail like clockwork. 

He requested a meeting with me the following week as he was coming to town on business. 

During our meeting, he shared personal information with me that just 2 weeks earlier a wealthy Mexican couple contacted him by phone and offered him DOUBLE of what his penthouse was worth in cash just because they decided that they wanted to own it and live in luxury at all costs!! 

They offered him DOUBLE the amount of what it was worth on the real estate market!! In cash!! 

Could you imagine?? 

He admitted embarrassingly that he just couldn't turn down that generous offer and apologized to me knowing how much I enjoyed his home and the sacred space that we co- created. As I had made several fabulous structural improvements to the flat that I even paid for myself. He was so grateful that he informed the buyers that they would have to wait over 6 months before they could take occupancy so that Alexis would have time to comfortably grieve the loss of her ‘happy home’ and look for another wonderful place to live 

Wasn't THAT the sweetest thing that you have ever heard? He was taking care of me during my psychological loss of my ‘sacred space’ allowing me time to get used to the idea of change and also search for another place that could hopefully make me feel as comfortable. 

I was sooo thrilled!! 

I really treasured those last months in that penthouse knowing that the Divine clearly decided that it was time for me to move on and had something else in store for me. And since it was crystal clear to me that ‘IT’ had decided that it was time for me to actually move my overly comfortable culo, I asked the Divine, “Ok, so where is it exactly that you wish for me to go next?” 

And when that Divine moment finally came, I was guided to visit Pune, India and ended up staying/living there for 3 whole years

It was the most silent meditative time in my blessed life and there were many magical moments with deep spiritual lessons and realizations that opened up new dimensions in my consciousness. 

I so love allowing the Divine to make the decisions. IT always knows best 

It actually ALWAYS does make the decisions as WE just THINK that we have something to do with it!! That lovely “ego” mind of ours that thinks it controls everything!! Ha ha ha. 

What a Divine playing field that the ego is playing in!! Never realizing even for an instant that the ‘joke is on us! It is ALL an illusion. With the ego being the biggest ‘BULLY’ always doing whatever it needs to do to ‘get its way’! 

Have you ever noticed how the mind/ego will do ‘whatever it takes’ to fulfill its desires? 

Manipulate, dominate, abuse, lie, cheat, steal, even hurting those that they claim they love and then rationalizing it all away to gain ‘this’ or ‘that’ monetarily or materially which it depends on mostly to inflate its image and status even more; needing to prove that it really does exist.  

I’m sure that YOU know exactly what I’m speaking about as we ALL do it at one time or another. Why is that? Because we ALL have the same ‘MIND’. Can we accept that part of our human-ness? 

The truth is that we are actually inseparable from each other.  We are one.  We are ALL connected.

It uses such a strenuous part of the mind and consumes a lot of life energy to create and sustain this illusion that makes you feel this separation from other people.  It is the ‘grand illusion’ and yet so real to us.  And so the journey to Oneness begins.  An awareness of what you actually are. 

This very awareness opens your heart; allowing you to experience what relationship truly is.

It can so easily become your experience, just by becoming aware of where you are now

The way to TRULY live is simply experiencing ‘what is’ in each moment. 

The Diksha=Oneness Blessing is a benediction and it is what is helping us to see ourselves; becoming aware of ourselves, accepting ourselves and also accepting others.

We are suffering because we do not feel connected as we have a very limited self / ego and we cannot seem to get out of this illusion.  The Oneness Blessing=Diksha helps us to become one with the Universe and one with each other again. Guiding us to flow with life and trust that whatever is happening in the moment is just a mirror of our own consciousness and is part of a greater Divine Plan.

It is very easy to see the ego in action. Whenever there is resistance, the ego is dominating the moment. It is offending, insulting, and can be quite obnoxious and overbearing. It divides and separates you from the other.

When you are operating from the heart, from presence, the energy is soft and flowing. It considers and always includes the other. It is caring, compassionate and exudes an abundant loving energy.

I love watching the effort that goes into creating our own 'nests' or cocoons in life and later when it is Divine time to ‘move on’ from that nest, we sometimes hang on so tight; missing the gift of realizing that we have actually outgrown it a long time back. 

I am also feeling that my time living in Barcelona, Spain is soon coming to an end.. 

But I know that another nest is being Divinely created for Alexis in another place in the world and she will soon be told where that is. And when it is time, she will receive a Divine Fax with her instructions!!

I wish the same for all of you Divine Beings. That you too will learn to trust in the Divine and be very alert for the guidance that is always there for you. Also not forgetting to express gratefulness each day for the miracles that happen mostly when we are not looking.

As truly living in bliss creates a heart full of gratitude and endless love for ‘All That Is’

 I just hope that if I managed to convey even 10% of this to you, I achieved something greater than anything I could have imagined.

Enjoy the energy, the inspiration and most of all be conscious of your experience in every moment: being the witness to your own awakening and exploring the infinite universe that resides within you.
I wish to send you off with a warm embrace to help open your wings; trusting life to guide you exactly where you need to be in each moment as you begin the rest of your blessed journey and don’t forget to laugh along the way as life is NOT serious....It’s a Divine Carnival

 Hugs from the corners of my Heart to all of yours and all of you Divine Light Beings that I have yet to meet personally.

In deep love and gratitude to the Divine for their Grace and Miracles!

Love & Light** Alexis

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